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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 13 Synopsis:

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 13 begins with Sultan Mehmed, where the Sultan himself goes to Constantinople to take Princess Mara from the Byzantine Emperor Constantinos and takes the princess back from the Emperor, but the Emperor sends back Princess Mara and tells that you know that the person who brought you to me is none other than The Prime Minister of the Ottoman Empire, Janital Li Pasha. After returning, the Sultan asks her that the emperor has spoken to her, at first she thinks that I should tell the Sultan about the minister, but in the case of Aunt Sultan, she silences herself by remembering the attitude of the Sultan.
After the sultan’s return, the Byzantine emperor Constantinos is convinced that Sultan Mahmud will return once again and he will come to Constantinople with his entire army to find out. And seeing the laziness and laziness of his soldiers, he becomes afraid of his defeat, and then he holds a cent in which he calls all the members of the Diwan and assures them that Sultan Mehmed will definitely come to attack. He talks of alliance with Catholics for help, who were his great enemies, but he goes against his diwan and joins hands with the Catholics and asks the Pope for an army for help.
When the Pope sees that our greatest enemy is expecting help from us, he sends 28 soldiers of his army directly to humiliate Emperor Constantinos, so that Emperor Constantinos has realized its value and importance. takes.
On the other hand, Sultan Mehmed realizes that Emperor Constantinos will place the help coming from the north in Dimitria Fort so that he can prevent the Muslims from conquering Constantinople with the help of Demetria Fort. According to the order of the Sultan, Sardar Bali Sahib, along with his soldiers, stops this caravan by ambushing and eliminating these slab soldiers and takes possession of the gunpowder and the rest of the goods, which makes Emperor Constantineus feel very bad to them. And he speeds up his preparations. Because he is aware that Sultan Mehmed has also prepared too many cannons to break the great walls of Constantinople.
In one of the scenes, the mara woman secretly goes to meet minister Janali Pasha so that she can know the truth. But when she asks the minister about what Emperor Constantinos has said, the minister calls himself a friend and servant of Sultan Murad and declares all the things as an accusation and temporarily princess Mara believes him.
At the same time, aunt Sultan in the harem, who is working for Sultan Mehmed’s brother and khan, princess Mara and Bahar Khatun as well as Gulshah Khatun are convinced that she is doing something wrong which will harm the empire and the Sultan. In the way a message is conveyed to the servant of Aunt Sultan, the way the prince and khan used to convey the message to her, in which she calls aunt Sultan to meet herself. When Aunt Sultan comes to know about this, she says that there is definitely something important that despite the situation being bad, Sultan and Han themselves have come to the city. She goes secretly to meet Orhan herself when everyone is busy in their work in the harem. Apparently she goes into hiding from everyone, but she does not realize that this is an idea that has been laid out only for her. And this time Sultan Mahmud himself goes to the place where Aunt Sultan was called at the behest of Mara Khatun and when Aunt Sultan reaches there, she encounters Sultan Mahmood and seeing Sultan Mahmud, she starts trembling and begs sultan for her life but Sultan says that I considered you as my blood but from now on someone No apologies, you will pay for all this with your own life, and in this way, the two women of the Sultan together get one of their strong rivals, Aunt Sultan, arrested through unity.
Then at the end of the episode, Sultan Mehmed Evra, along with his army under the leadership of Nos Ali Sahib, sends the Akanji soldiers to conquer the Dmitria Fort and the siege of The Dmitria Fort is started and this is where episode 13 ends.

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