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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 26 Synopsis

Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 26 starts with the Turkish chieftains. At Bernard’s behest, the Fatimid commander takes the chiefs to Egypt, but Salahuddin is searching for him to avenge Sirya Khatam’s death and retrieve the chieftains. With his soldiers, Salahuddin defeats the commander, but just as he is about to kill him, Bernard arrives with his soldiers. In the ensuing chaos, Salahuddin kills Malham, avenging the woman’s death. As the chieftains are being freed, Malik Arslan’s nephew arrives and escapes with the chieftains and his soldiers, with Bernard and Salahuddin in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Karatigan, who set out to block Malik Arslan and the chieftains’ jirga, falls into the hands of the Crusaders and is imprisoned along with the chieftains to leverage conditions from the Sultan. When Malik Arslan finds his injured nephew, he becomes enraged and blames Salahuddin for the mishap. Sultan Nur-ud-Din, upon learning of Malik Arslan’s actions that thwarted Salahuddin’s plan and lost the chieftains, becomes furious and confronts him. He warns Malik Arslan to leave immediately or be forced out by his sword. Malik Arslan blames Salahuddin for losing the chieftains to the Crusaders and claims Sultan Nur-ud-Din is behind it. He allies his soldiers, aiming to take over Gaza.

In Gaza, during Governor Taran Shah’s absence, Malik Arslan seizes control and plans a deal with Bernard, despite Sultan Nur-ud-Din’s orders. Bernard is pleased, but Salahuddin anticipates their scheming. He devises a plan involving his brother, Turan Shah, who approaches Malik Arslan, pretending to oppose Salahuddin. Malik Arslan is pleased, believing Turan Shah is an ally. Following the plan, Turan Shah pretends to capture Salahuddin in front of Malik Arslan, who is delighted by the betrayal. However, this is part of their strategy.

As Salahuddin’s border ghazis prepare to liberate the chieftains, Karatigan acts first, freeing them but clashing with Selbi soldiers. In Gaza, Malik Arslan and Bernard discover the prisoners’ escape and leave to recapture them. Karatigan diverts Bernard, sending the chiefs in another direction while he faces Bernard alone at the edge of a ravine. Bernard and his soldiers corner Karatigan, who fights bravely until Bernard, in anger, throws him into the ravine, severely injured. Salahuddin, watching secretly, is left alone as the episode ends.

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