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Kurulus Osman Episode 95 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 94 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 95, Osman destroyed the door of the palace and entered with his soldiers. Nikola locked the internal doors of the palace and called a halt to the Turks. Gunduz targeted the bowmen on the palace walls. Nikola observed that he was going to lose the war and decided to run away from the palace. Gunduz dropped from the wall during the battle. Cerlutay ran to assist Gunduz.

Osman began to chase Nikola. Nikola fled into the subways inside the palace. Malhun and Bala started to find Orhan. Osman got into the subway where Nikola was hiding and both started to fight. Abdal examined Gunduz and said his bones are broken. Osman crushed Nikola and grabbed him. The Turks took over the palace after a long hard war. Osman bowed down to Allah after instructing to keep Nikola in the lockup. After Malhun rescued Orhan from the secret agents, she left for the palace. Osman announced that there would be no restrictions on Christian people in the palace.

Romanos reached while Kosses was researching regarding Islam. Kosses said that the Emperor’s ambassador would reach soon, and set out to the palace with Romanos. Sheikh arrived at the palace and started to pray with the Muslims. Osman welcomed the envoy to enter the palace and said that he would meet with them in the evening.

After meeting Gunduz, Osman decided to not leave the palace till Gunduz’s recovery. The envoy, Kosses, and Romanos came to the church to speak to Osman. The envoy said that what Osman did was offensive and dealt him a new peace deal. Osman rejected that agreement and refused to give the palaces back to Byzantium and put forward his own conditions.

Barkin hiddenly sent a message to the Lord in Bursa, demanding him to halt Osman.Gunduz gathered Osman and after having a word  with him for a short time, he died. Osman instructed to bring Nikola to the square and asked the envoy if he agreed to the treaty. The envoy said that the Byzantine Emperor would not agree to this deal, and then Osman beheaded Nikola.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 95 English Subtitles

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