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Kurulus Osman Episode 139 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 138 Summary

The Start of Episode 138 in Season 5 of Kuruluş Osman commences with an encounter between the Mongols and the Crusader spy and trader Ayaz. Ayaz is seated in a hotel, having dinner with one of his soldiers when the Mongols make their entrance. Despite the Mongols covering their faces upon entry, Ayaz, the Crusader spy, remains suspicious of their true identity as Mongol soldiers. Concurrently, Turkish soldiers engage in a conversation about Osman Bey’s previous encounter with a Mongol commander.

Upon overhearing the discussion, Ayaz urges his soldier to be prepared, sensing imminent trouble. The Mongol commander, provoked by the conversation, proceeds to kill all the Turkish soldiers, accusing them of relishing the act of killing Mongols. The scene transitions, revealing Osman Bey in discussion with his sons and companions, including Nikola and his brothers. Osman Bey delves into discussions about their allies and adversaries, stressing the need for caution as Jacob Bey views them as enemies following the retrieval of Yaqub Bey. They decide to gather intelligence and monitor Jacob Bey’s family closely.

The scene shifts once more to the Mongols interrogating Ayaz about his background. Ayaz discloses his Roman origin, expressing anticipation of their arrival. He asserts that their goals and enemies align, proclaiming friendship. The focus turns to Osman Bey’s wives, Bala Khatoon and Malhun Khatoon, as they converse about their sons. Malhun Khatoon proposes finding suitable matches for their sons and mentions Hulagu’s interest in Holofira. Bala Khatoon, however, is aware of Holofira’s attraction to Alauddin and expresses concern about her suitability for their family.

Fatma Hatun arrives, seeking good news from Osman Bey’s sons. Alauddin mentions his intention to propose to Holofira, prompting joy from Alauddin and Osman Bey. The scene changes again, featuring Yaqub Bey addressing his followers, branding Osman Bey as their adversary and instructing his soldiers to prepare for an impending attack.

Following Osman Bey’s orders, the army readies itself to attack the city with the rebels the next morning. During this period, Yaqub Bey and his son visit the rebel camp, forewarning them of a challenging situation. They instruct a soldier to visit the rebels’ camp and invite all commanders to a heated tent. The scene shifts once more, revealing Mongols attacking a convoy in the jungle. Some of Osman Bey’s soldiers attempt to engage the Mongols but find themselves outnumbered, compelling a strategic retreat.

In the border market, Mongol soldiers infiltrate disguised as locals. Bala Khatoon and Malhun Khatoon scout potential matches for their sons. Holofira, the favored girl, is observed conversing with Alauddin. The episode concludes with Gunja Khatoon suggesting that the time is right for Alauddin to approach Holofira, potentially leading to revelations about Osman’s secrets. Please note that this is a condensed summary for brevity.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 139 English Subtitles


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