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Kurulus Osman Episode 138 (Season 5 Episode 6) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 138 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 138, Osman Bey gathers with his family at the dining table, expressing gratitude to Allah for uniting them. Beyinder Bey mentions that those who exploited them for their project will now be pursued. Despite initial discomfort, they all sit down, enjoying their meal.

Saadat Khatoon, the wife of Yakub Bey, arrives with her daughter Gonca Khatoon. She introduces Gonca Khatoon to Sam’an Bey, praising Alauddin Sheikh as a trustworthy and beloved person. Gonca Khatoon, surprised, questions the discussion. Saadat Khatoon advises her to develop feelings for him, assuring that he will reciprocate and she must comply. Tomorrow morning, she is to visit him on behalf of Allah.

The next day, Sam’an Bey and Hussain Bey set out to meet the Mongols, leaving instructions for Beyinder Bey to take care of their trust and treat the people well. Alauddin Bey heads to the fortified city with Bala Khatoon, stating that their son will be their eyes in their absence.

A discussion in the border market reveals plans to punish women who harmed Malhun Khatoon. The new trader, Hulofra Khatoon, arrives with Muhammad Bey. In Sogut, Bala Khatoon distributes food to the poor in the kitchen she built. Gonca Khatoon arrives, presents respects, and gives gifts. After ensuring everything is in order, Bala Khatoon leaves Alauddin Bey with Gonca Khatoon.

The trailer for Episode 137 reveals that Osman Bey assures there’s no need to worry; the land they step on becomes theirs. The Crusaders’ leader, Master Geyre, captures Orhan Bey and Mehmet Bey. Jacob Bey initially hesitates to return the castles but eventually commands their return in exchange for rescuing their children.

Jacob Bey orders the search for the traitor responsible for their children’s capture. Alauddin Bey identifies Holofira as the traitor, leading to her capture. Holofira protests her innocence, but the changing flags indicate the castles are being returned.

Bala Khatoon tells Saadat Khatoon that they sacrificed their lives for the castles. Master Geyre captures rebels, and Orhan Bey and Muhammad Bey face brutality. Osman Bey declares that if their children aren’t returned, they’ll launch a full-scale attack. The trailer concludes, emphasizing Osman Bey’s determination for action in Episode 137.

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