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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 27 Synopsis

In Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 27, Caratigan and Bernard fight on the edge of a hill, with Caratigan being injured. Arslan Shah’s nephew, Timur, hides and hits Caratigan’s chest with two arrows, falling down the Caratigan hill. Salahuddin sends entrepreneurs to take Caratigan’s body, but they find no body there.

Salahuddin captures Arsalan Shah’s nephew Timur and tortures her, protecting her from Saladin and his soldiers. Gaza is recaptured according to Salahuddin and Taran Shah’s plan. Arsalan Shah goes to Gaza, but the doors are closed for him, and Sardar supports Arsalan Shah. Sultan Nur-ud-Din Zangi arrives in the Boro tribe and warns Arsalan Shah that Gaza has been captured. The chieftains support Arsalan Shah and defend him, while Sultan Nuruddin calls him “the one who conquered Gaza together with you.”

Bernard meets Arsalan Shah and tells him that his nephew is in his possession. He tells Arsalan Shah that if they want this to not reach Salahuddin and Sultan Nur-ud-Din Zengi, they must regain Gaza and rule it together. Salahuddin searches for Karatigan’s body in the forest, encountering different people who look different in every way. It is unknown where Caratigan is, but it may be alive. Omar Mulla Effendi tells him that Karatigan mountain brother and his people have taken him to the mountains.

Caratigan opens his eyes and sees that his life has been saved. He wants to go back to his tribe to take revenge on Arsalan Shah, but his people claim he is their chief and refuse to let him go anywhere. They deceive Bernard and his men, leading them to a cave where they have laid a trap for them. After sniffing the cave, Pranard and Salahuddin faint with their soldiers.

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