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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 14 Synopsis:

Mehmed Fetihler Sultani Episode 14 begins at the Demetrios Castle, where Zaganos Pasha, along with Evranos Ali and his army, launches an attack to conquer the castle. Catholic warriors are defending the castle from all sides, even detonating tunnels to prevent the attackers from reaching the fortress, resulting in the martyrdom of many Muslim warriors. Due to the dwindling number of soldiers, Zaganos Pasha decides to retreat, much to the delight of the Crusaders, who rejoice as the Muslims had not yet breached the castle gates.

As they retreat, Sultan Mehmed arrives with some of his soldiers and the master engineer Urban, bringing a cannon. He inquires about the retreat, and they express their embarrassment, explaining that the Crusaders had fortified their defenses more than anticipated. The Sultan personally joins the battle and decides to use the cannon to break the castle gate. The gate is eventually blown up, allowing the Muslim warriors to enter and resume the fight, ultimately capturing the castle after defeating the Crusaders.

Meanwhile, in Constantinople, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine is deeply troubled by Sultan Mehmed’s actions. His mother repeatedly obstructs his plans, opposing the Catholic alliance. Despite his efforts to dissuade her, she continues to stir discontent among the soldiers against the Emperor, leading him to kill her in a fit of rage.

In the capital, Qadi Khidr Jalabi becomes suspicious of Javed Effendi, who is actually a Fatimid scholar infiltrating the Ottoman Empire under the Pope’s directive. Javed Effendi has become the custodian of the Sultan’s library and aims to spread heresy among Muslims, targeting both the young and the old to undermine the Ottoman Empire.

Qadi Khidr Jalabi, determined to confirm his suspicions, examines Javed Effendi’s books with the Mufti. They discover clear heretical content being disseminated among Muslims. They present their findings to Sultan Mehmed, warning him about the heretical nature of the books and advising caution, especially regarding Javed Effendi. The Sultan, who values thorough investigation, asks for concrete evidence or witnesses to make a decisive judgment.

Aware of Khidr Jalabi’s suspicions, Javed Effendi seeks an alliance with his old enemy, Ottoman Minister Ibrahim Candarli, to eliminate Khidr Jalabi. Sultan Mehmed visits Javed Effendi in the library, listening to him and growing suspicious of his intentions.

Khidr Jalabi later presents more evidence to the Sultan, revealing that Javed Effendi was seen leaving Minister Candarli’s house, indicating their alliance. The Sultan summons Candarli, who confesses everything and discloses that Javed Effendi is sending a letter to the Pope. According to their plan, Sultan Mehmed intercepts the courier with the letter, confirming Javed Effendi’s betrayal.

To extract a confession, they invite Javed Effendi to Candarli’s house under the guise of an alliance. As Javed Effendi speaks, Sultan Mehmed and Khidr Jalabi listen secretly. When Javed Effendi reveals his plans, they reveal themselves. Shocked, Javed Effendi tries to justify his actions, but Sultan Mehmed executes him. That night, a campaign is launched to arrest and eliminate all of Javed Effendi’s associates and burn the heretical books, ending a significant conspiracy against the empire.

This concludes Episode 14.

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