Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) English Subtitles Full Season Free

Vahyin Izinde English Subtitles

Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) English Subtitles Full Season Free


The series Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation) which is produced in 2014. This series has documentary features. The basic purpose of this series is the teaching of Islam, the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and about His life and the troubles faced by the previous Muslims. Turkish theology and a group produced by Marmara University examined the script of the series. To show realties effects, efforts and necessary care have been shown. In Konya, the same small copy of Macca and Medina was constructed so that this can show real reflection. This series consists of only eight episodes. The series starts by showing how men spent their lives during the period of Jahiliyyah. Their method to spend life was very bad. They just buried their daughters alive. They were ignorant people and used to worship the idols. Then there was an expected need for the right way for them. Then this series shows how Kaaba was constructed. In April of 20 in 571, the man who was supposed for the lightening of the people has come. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) was at his six years old, His mother goes to Allah and after that, he also loses His grandfather.

He was a very honest and true person and that’s why everyone in Mecca and traders trust Him blindly. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) at His Twenty-five years, he gets married Hazrat Khadija (R.A). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) spends His most of time in the Hira cave (Jabal Al-Nur). As usual, he was worshiping Allah, Jibrail Alaihissalam reveals and says to Him to read. The Prophet (PBUH) replies ‘’I don’t know how to read’’, but Jibrail (AS) says follow His words three times. The next day, Jibrail (AS) comes to the Prophet (PBUH) and says He is the only last Prophet of Allah. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) feels fear and shivers and goes to His house and says to Hazrat Khadija (R.A) to cover Him. Hazrat Jibrail (AS) comes to Holy Prophet (PBUH) with more verses and tells Him first ablution. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) teaches to Hazrat Khadija (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) about the method of prayers. This shows the discussion and speeches of Hazrat Usman (R.A) and Hazrat Abubakr (R.A). Hazrat Abubakr (R.A) was the first closest friend of Him who accept Islam in men. Hazrat Abubakr (R.A) helps the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to gather people in the name of Islam. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) teaches His relatives and warns them as well but they don’t miss any chance to hurt our Prophet. The Prophet (PBUH) calls everyone at dinner.

When everyone gathers and the Prophet starts to speak, Abu Lahab says that the Holy Prophet did magic. These words hurt the Holy Prophet (PBUH). One night, Bilal ibn Rabah and Hazrat Abu Bakar meet and Bilal asks about the Holy Prophet from Abu Bakar. Bilal ibn Rabah impresses very much and embraces Islam. The Holy Prophet once again invites His relatives and preaches them. But no one comes into the circle of Islam except Hazrat Ali. With time, people of Mecca feel irritated by Muslims. Muslims feel dangerous from Non-Muslims. The Holy Prophet calls people and goes to an uphill and tells them about Islam. Abu Lahab plans that he can do everything against the Prophet because pilgrimage is near to come.

The rich people of Mecca go to the uncle of the Holy Prophet and say to warn the Prophet. Abu Lahab with his wife throws a stone at the house of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The people of Mecca start to attack Muslims day by day. Umayyah Ibn Khalaf catches Bilal and hurts him in public. The infidels say to Muslims to worship idols but Muslims don’t agree. Abu Lahab with his friends did everything to create difficulties in the life of Muslims. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says to Muslims to keep patient. The people of Mecca force out the Muslims of their houses and enslaved them.

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