Kuşlarla Yolculuk English Subtitles (The Journey with the Birds) Full Season

Kuşlarla Yolculuk English Subtitles (The Journey with the Birds) Full Season

Kuşlarla Yolculuk English Subtitles (The Journey with the Birds) Full Season


This series is inspired by the book Mantiq al-tayr of Farid Ud-Din Attar and has thirty episodes. Farid Attar was born in 1145 in Iran and he died also in Iran around 1220. He used to work in the pharmacy shop of his father in his childhood and after that begun moving in the middle east. Many poems have written by him on the topic of religion throughout his life.   Mantiq al-tayr is the most famous work that was done by Farid Ud-Din. Mantiq al-tayr starts with the basics of Islam and also the Prophet.

The topic of this work: hoopoe, pigeon, hawk, partridge, parrot, nightingale, turtle, peacock, and dove begin talking to each other. These species talk related to the fact that every nation has a ruler (king) and discuss about having a king in their birds. Hoopoe starts to talk and says that the ruler of birds is Simurgh. But Simurgh is very far. All the birds talk to Hoopoe and ready to go to the way under his leadership. The road is too long and very tough. Other birds begin losing hope one by one, but the ruler encourages them. Hoopoe says to them that they need to reach Simurgh to go through seven more valleys. These valleys consist; quest, knowledge, love, detachment, wonderment, unity, and power. Some birds during their journey get sick, and some eaten by other animals. At last, thirty birds reach near where Simurg is live and they realize that they are himself Simurgh. The book of Farid Ud-Din Attar is full of messages and symbols with many of the advice.

This book is inspired by the journey of nine dervishes representing the birds searching for Simurgh.  A Sheikh helps those dervishes and makes efforts to lighten their path. A traveler running from the attack of bandit goes to these dervishes and says for help. This traveler starts to talk about the locations he had traveled and looked at. A dervish listens carefully to him and impressed by him. Then the traveler narrates a story related to a mosque and tells about dervish Fazil. The dervish appreciates the knowledge related to the mosque and decides to write about Sheikh. The Sultan’s clerk goes to the lodge and speaks to Sheikh that Fazil will do a job in the palace for a while. Fazil cannot refuse the offer and moves towards the palace. Fazil now starts to stay in the palace. The story of Fazil is related to a hawk sitting in a cage. Fazil has done his job properly and rises further. The task of Fazil is not easy.

The next is related to Sami. Sami doesn’t agree with a decision which is made by Sheikh and becomes very angry. Sami doesn’t work overtime. Sami starts to be arrogant. The story of Sami looks at the peacock. The test of Dervish Kerem is about love. Kerem looks at a girl in a market one day and falls in life with her. Kerem tries to go to the market again. Sheikh refrains Kerem. One day, the man who went to the lodge says about horses and narrates a story related to the horse of Hazrat Ali. Bahri listens and starts to think that his horse is fast. The next story is about the owl. Dervish Enes listens about the entertainment venues and wants to see them. When he goes into the city, he couldn’t control himself and goes to one of the entertainment venues. There all kinds of bad happen to him.

The stories narrated by the traveler carry on to impress everyone and takes towards Yunus. Even Yunus is working hard, after speaking to the traveler, Yunus decides that he will not work much more hard and praying is enough. Sheikh hands over a task to Yunus and he set off to long journey. The story’s name is bird wagtail. One day, the visiter tells a tale about the famous vizier Nizam al-Mulk of Saljuk and the story impresses Suleiman. After that, Sheikh sets off somewhere and empower Suleiman before he goes. With the current powers, he thinks that he will make things better, but then he starts to be rude to other dervishes. This story is impressed by the Huma bird.

Sami will go with the visitor to the city, but an unexpected event is happening on the way. Traveler and Sami sperate to each other. When the visitor looks for the dervish, the traveler sees a river and considers the water is the geyser of youth. He drinks from this fountain and sets off to the forest in search of Sami. Meanwhile, Sami narrates to Sheikh about what happened. The traveler tired and wants to sleep. He has a dream, the life, and struggle of his change. The traveler goes back to the lodge and talks to Sheikh. The series is continuously inspired by the book of Attar. The traveler starts to stay in the lodge and practices events impressed by the seven valleys. The incident and events that happen in the lodge affect the life of the traveler. Sheikh becomes ill and the dervishes think that now he will die.

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Kuşlarla Yolculuk English Subtitles


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