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Kurulus Osman Episode 99 (Season 4 Episode 1) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 99, Osman discussed with  his companions and got a perfect location to establish his headquarters. Romanos decided to fool Osman by setting up a trap to target him and then invaded the Turks. Osman began attacking Byzantine soldiers. Romanos escaped to the city to protect his life. Malhun saw Romanos come back  to the Yenisher and noticed that Osman’s strategy was not successful. Bala wanted to take the captives out from the prison, but Cerkutay said it was too risky.

Osman sent an ambassador and said he wanted to have a discussion with Romanos. Osman demanded Romanos to surrender the city right away and further said that he would never harm the people. They would be free to live according to their beliefs. Romanos asked Osman for some time to distract him and came back to the Yenisher. After inquiring with the captives, Romanos got an idea and said that he would hand over the Yenisher to Osman.

While Osman was looking at the war preparations, a Byzantine envoy reached to him and told him about Romanos’ decision. When Malhun saw the leftover troops in the city, which were hiding inside the Yenisher, she immediately got aware that Romanos was lying and created a strategy to murder the archers. Osmans checked in the city with his warriors after a short time.

Romanos said he would never hand him over the city and commanded his troops to attack. Malhun suddenly appeared and began to murder  the archers on the roofs of the city. Osman and the Turks started to target their enemies. Cerkutay found the prison and reached there with Bala to rescue the captives. Cerkutay instructed Aygul to be very careful and take care of herself and save the prisoners. As the war was declared in the city, Osman’s remaining batches of soldiers started to enter the city.

While Aygul was talking to Cerkutay, a Byzantine warrior  injured her with an arrow. Aygul passed away in after a while Osman captured Romanos and murdered him. Osman then instructed Hristo to talk to the people in the city and declared Yenisehir as the capital. After meeting with his sons, Osman came back to the tribe as a conqueror of Yenisher. Dursun presented the gifts sent by the Sultan to Osman. Osman said that his victories would ben unstoppable

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Kurulus Osman Episode 99 English Subtitles

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