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Kurulus Osman Episode 83 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 84, Osman talked to Sheikh and seek permission to kill his brother. Sheikh asked him for mercy and to forgive Gunduz. Osman kept it in his mind what Sheikh asked him for and forgave Gunduz. Gunduz told that he was very sorry and then he went to Geyhatu for the implementation of Osman’s Plan. Nikola told that he had captured Rogatuis and exposed the location of Osman to Mingiyan.

Mingiyan told that Nikola has killed Rogatus. At the same time, Gunduz came in and spoke to Geyhatu. Osman sneaked to the tribe that night and met with Bala. Osman arranged a meeting with the Beys of the tribe and told them they had made some mistakes. That night, Osman started to have dinner with his family. Gunduz told that he realized his mistakes and he ask for an apology from everyone. Gungor, the younger brother of Sultan came to meet with Vizier.

Gungor told about the bad situation at the border and he also said that he will be the king after killing Geyhatu. There was a wedding of Cerkutay on the next day. Gungor made a deal with a merchant and then he went to the Mongolian base and killed the soldiers by poisoning them. Vizier attacked the meeting place arranged by Osman but it was a trap. Boran took the Beys to the tent of Osman who was waiting for the meeting in the forest.

Osman said that he is going to start a big rebellion at the border. When Beys came to know that the swords are made by the blacksmith, they told them that they will support Osman. Geyhatu went out with the soldiers towards the place told by Rogatus. Kosses got back his fortress from Gunduz.

Nikola stopped Geyhatu and told him that Rogatus was still alive. When Geyhatu was telling that Mingiyan was an idiot, Osman came and told that he would send him to hell. The poison of Gungor showed its effect and the soldiers started to die. Gungor attacked everyone. Osman followed the injured Geyhatu, he was stopped by the Vizier and his army.

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