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In Kurulus Osman Episode 83, Osman gave Nikola an alliance as an offer against the attack of the Mongols. Firstly, Nikola denied the offer but he changed his mind when he came to know that he will get twenty thousand Mongolian soldiers as a reward. Geyhatu told that he will suppress all the rebels with his new army. Osman told that he will go to talk to the Byzantine emperor with Nikola. Boran asked the women of the tribe to be careful of Julia as she was around the tribe.

Osman met with the wise men in the forest and came to know about the location of the Mongolian unit hidden in the forest. Osman ordered the Turgut to attack there with the soldiers of Byzantine. When Konur came and told that Geyhatu will attack the rebellious Turkish tribes in Anatolia. Osman took action to go to Iznik on the next day with Nikola.

Cerkutay killed a shaman and by using his clothes he got entered the military camp. The attack of Julia on Malhun in the Sogut is failed. Malhun went out of the city alone to capture Julia by setting a plan and at last, she captured her. The shepherd told his name as Akca and that he would draw the map of the city. When Geyhatu was busy checking the gunpowder in the boxes, Konur came in and told him about the location of Osman. Geyhatu left to arrest Osman and Turgut started to attack.

Nikola told that Osman is a spy who is working for Byzantine, and that is how he got him in the chamber of the emperor. Osman told about the approaching threat of the Mongols and requested permission from the Emperor to control the Lords on the border. The emperor granted the permission after thinking for a while.

Boran forced Julia to drink the poison that was used to kill the Gonca. Osman told Sheikh that night that he had to kill Gunduz. Osman stopped Gunduz when he was going to meet Geyhatu. Gunduz told that he had done everything for the tribe but lost his way. Gunduz was killed by Osman with a bow.

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