Kurulus Osman Episode 77 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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Kurulus Osman Episode 77 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 77, Osman reached a cave to protect his life and treat his wounds. Konur talked with the vizier and went out to search Osman. Nikola was having dinner with Mari when Turgut sneaked into the palace.  Mari was stabbed by Nikola. however, Turgut saved Mari by managing. The vizier came to the palace and told that Osman was now a traitor.

Vizier asked that Osman should be now replaced by someone and announced Gunduz as a new Bey. Aisha brought a sherbet for maria and Mari slept down after drinking it. When Mari woke up, she saw Seljuk soldiers there. Gunduz was arugued by malhun and malhun came out to search for Osman in the jungle. Firstly, the vizier talked with Gunduz and later he began to meet with him.

Vezir told that everyone living near the border region has suffered many problems. He also announced to make a new market for the compensation of this destruction. The vizier’s new plan was liked by the lords. Osman carried on to flee from the soldiers and there he talked with a shepherd. For a while, Osman was hidden by this shepherd. And after that, he told him to go to the mountain to his tent.

While moving towards his tent, a man from the Caucasus met with Osman. Osman reached to the tent of the shepherd. After some time, malhun and Turgut reached there. Mari informed of everything that happened in the tribe to her husband. Turgut told that perhaps Gunduz has arrested Mari. Osman told that he could do anything for justice no matter what and he revealed his plan to everyone there.

Osman met with kosses and came to know that what Nikola had done with Mari. Osman was taken to sogut by the Kosses’ soldiers the next day. Vizier and sheikh were both spending time in a ceremony then, Osman came there. Osman came to know that Bahadur was a traitor and therefore, he killed him. After that Osman went out to fight with Konur and his soldiers were saved by him.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 77 English Subtitles

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