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Watch Destan Episode 6 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 5 Review

In Destan Episode 6, Batuga stopped Akkiz when he was about to kill Alpagu, and pushed her out of the room before the arrival of Temur. The saying of Sirma to Tutkin was heard by the maid of Kirciceks. Kircrieks told her father that Akkiz might have killed the Alpagu. When she told this to her father then Balamir returned to Dag so that he could catch Colpan.

Akkiz claimed that Batuga is a wolf having two heads and he believed that Batuga could unite all the Turks. Akkiz asked about the pigeon from Batuga that is used to bring the news to the palace. Akkiz told that the tribe of Dags have never used the pigeons. Batuga guesses that someone very close to his father has set the trap for his mother. Alpagu went to his tribe to dine with his family.

Akkiz then started to sing the song that was learned by him from Batuga. Alpagu called the Akkiz and ordered him to go to the Dungeon because of the song she sang. Temur stopped him from this and told him that this slave has saved the life of Batuga. Balamir came to the palace having Colpan with him. Balamir ordered to bring all the enslaved women including Akkiz. Balamir said that Akkiz had tried to kill the Khan and started asking her questions. Alpagu continued to question Akkiz.

Kircrieks was threatened by the Batuga. Balamir was proved wrong due to the change in a statement by the servant. Akkiz claimed this questioning as her insult and asked Khan permission to enter the archery competition. Alpagu has seen the usage of arrows by her and allowed her to take a part in the competition. Calayir decided to do as said by the colpan to save his life. Yibek ordered Akkiz to clean the corridor.

The hands of Akkiz were injured when she used the water that was in the bucket. Batuga helped her and said that she should not participate in the competition in this situation because she has got injured. Although Alpagu was injured he shot the arrow and started the celebrations. Yaman won that competition and Khan invited him to the hunting party. Batuga conversed with Yaman after the completion of the competition and said him to find the strong men.

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