Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 135 (Season 5 Episode 5) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 135 (Season 5 Episode 5) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 (Season 5 Episode 5) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 135, Osman Bey and his troops set out to capture a castle, only to discover that Yakub Bey has already taken control of it. The beginning of Episode 134 continues from this scene, where Osman Bey and Yakub Bey are inside the castle. Yakub Bey remarks to Osman Bey that he intends to conquer the castle with these insurgents. He had expected Osman to approach the task with a band of warriors, but it seems that he’s chosen to take a different path by using rebels.

Yakub Bey finds this approach unsuitable. On the other hand, when Yakub Bey, his son, and his wife leave their tent, they observe Osman Bey’s soldiers distributing bags filled with gold among the people of Sugut city. They greet Osman Bey and ask if he is pleased to witness the distribution of his wealth in golden bags among the people. Osman Bey inquires about their thoughts, and they respond negatively, saying that they don’t find joy in seeing their wealth being distributed.

Osman Bey assures them, explaining that this wealth comes from someone who owed him. So, dear viewers, Osman Bey’s teacher, Master Visilis, who was examining the market with the merchant Ayaz bin Kar, persuaded Osman Bey to purchase some shops. Consequently, Osman Bey and Yakub Bey discuss the acquisition of these shops. Yakub Bey inquires about their intentions for buying these shops. Osman Bey introduces Ayaz the merchant to Yakub Bey, explaining that he is Ayaz, a trader who will bring caravans to the area to sell his goods.

Yakub Bey instructs Osman Bey’s steward, Bayinder Bey, to negotiate with the shopkeepers and purchase the shops at a price higher than their asking price. Later, Yakub Bey arranges the tents, and they all gather there. Yakub Bey asks Ayaz the merchant about the nature of his trade, to which he replies that he deals in a wide variety of goods. He mentions that his caravans move in and out of cities, ensuring a broad trade network.

However, he expresses the need for soldiers to protect his caravans. Yakub Bey assures him that within his territory, Ayaz won’t face any difficulties, and they will provide security for his caravans. Ayaz the merchant affirms that Osman Bey will undoubtedly ensure the safety of his caravans. Muhammad Bey playfully remarks that they will indeed safeguard his possessions, and Han Bey states that they prioritize the protection of their goods.

The story then shifts to a scene involving malicious women and Saadat Khatoon. Saadat Khatoon had acquired clothing for trade, but it turns out that the garments are damaged. This incident leads to her feeling embarrassed in the presence of the malicious women, and she departs in frustration. Meanwhile, Bayinder Sahib arrives to inform Osman Bey that they have successfully acquired the shops. Yakub Bey asserts that all dealings have been conducted fairly and justly.

Nevertheless, when merchant Ayaz brings commercial goods from abroad, he will be subjected to double taxation, which takes Osman Bey by surprise. However, merchant Ayaz reassures him that there won’t be any issues as long as the market’s ruler is in agreement. This pleases Yakub Bey, and he appreciates Ayaz the merchant’s swift acceptance of the terms. Consequently, Ayaz, like others, will pay taxes since they respect those who respect them.

They then instruct merchant Ayaz to enter their tent, and Osman Bey and Yakub Bey engage in discussions about governance and state affairs. Meanwhile, in another scene, malicious women and Saadat Khatoon are featured once again. Saadat Khatoon is reprimanding her servant due to the damaged clothing. At this point, the malicious women arrive, extend their greetings, and express concern over her frustration. They return the money for the damaged garments and instruct her to distribute it among the less fortunate as an act of charity.

Subsequently, we observe Osman Bey’s and Yakub Bey’s families gathered around the same dining table. Yakub Bey explains that the purpose of this gathering is to strengthen the bonds between their families. Yakub Bey requests Osman Bey to pledge allegiance to him, and he hands over Lifke Castle as a symbol of his desire to form an alliance, thereby enabling them to pursue further conquests.

The scene then transitions to Master Visilis and his companions searching for the treasury within Osman Bey’s castle. In their search, they eventually locate the treasury and begin transferring the treasure into their containers. During this process, Boran Bey arrives on the scene. Master Visilis, wearing a mask, falls from his horse and accidentally injures Boran Bey with his sword.

This leads to a confrontation between them, with Boran Bey almost striking a blow when the remaining soldiers arrive. In the ensuing chaos, Boran Bey enters the treasury room and inflicts an injury on himself, pretending to be a victim. He then transfers his mask to another soldier’s face to deceive the rest of the soldiers.

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