Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 130 (Season 4 Episode 32) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 130 (Season 4 Episode 32) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 130 (Season 4 Episode 29) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 130 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 130, Knock before brother! What is going on brother? You look like a groom. Is there something we do not know? What are you talking about? You are the groom. Fresh groom. You think everyone is like you. No, brother, there is something else about you. Cerkutay is right. Brother, do you want me to go outside with worn clothes? Of course not. You should take care of yourself. You are a handsome man. You may get married to the daughter of a Khan. If you want, I can teach you Mongolian, Boran.

You may need it. You are having fun, right Cerkutay? Come on, my Bey is waiting. Come on. My Bey is waiting for us, but it looks like someone else is waiting for you. You are really having fun, huh? Confess. Move, Cerkutay. Come on. Brother, come on! Brother, will you not tell us how you saved Esrigun Hatun? Brothers. I’d rather have Kara Ebe beat me up than you talk about me like this. Oh no.

She’s stronger than she looks. I have to go. Come on brothers. Come on. Come on. Brother we’re going to divan. You’ll come later. Brother we’re going to divan. You’ll come later. Brother we’re going to divan. You’ll come later. How’s your wound Boran Alp? I’m okay, thank Allah. I’ve seen worse Esrigul Hatun. I couldn’t thank you with everything going on. Astagfirullah Esrigul Hatun. I did what I was told. No. You did more. I owe you my life.

No Esrigul Hatun. You don’t owe me anything. And I only did what I was told. This is yours. No Esrigul Hatun. I can’t accept it. It’s a gift Boran Alp. You can’t refuse a gift. EyvAllah. Thank you. You protected me. I hope it protects you too. My Bey’s waiting. I should go. Thank you. Thank you. ConstantinopleI am the youngest child of the dynasty Valens. I was born as Muzalon. And I fought as Muzalon for years.

My family fought great armies and beat the invincible. They all did it for you Jesus. They criticized me. They destroyed Muzalon the fearless and turned me into Tekfur Valens. Priest. I wish to be baptized again. As Commander Muzalon. I wish to be resurrected. Come, son. Do you believe Jesus Christ is your lord and savior? I do. Let this holy water let you be reborn Muzalon. I baptize you in the name of our Holy Father, Son and Spirit. Amen.

Bless me so that I can make the Turks spit blood. I’m being reborn as Commander Muzalon. My dear daughter. My beautiful girl. What if something happened to you? What would I do then? Would I be able to live? So what? My new sibling is coming anyways. Besides where are my shoes? Did you throw them in a rooftop that quickly? Of course not. Do you mean these? Yes.

I mean those Osman Bey. Did you get them from the rooftop? No. No rooftop. I got these done for you. But if you don’t come to dinner with me I won’t give them to you. Okay. When my new sibling grows up they will wear them. Besides I’m not hungry. Look at that. You daughter and dad keep on talking and I’ll check the table. Maybe during that time Fatma might get hungry.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 130 English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 130 Urdu Subtitles


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