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Kurulus Osman Episode 129 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 129, Since we will have another sibling they forgot about us. But don’t be sad, I am here. I will never leave you alone, sister. My Bey, as you commanded, we sent alps to Yenisehir to inform them. What’s the situation in Konya? Sultan Mesud did not give up when his soldiers were hit. Reinforcements from Candaroglus are coming. Our salvation depends on those reinforcements. Osman Bey.

My sons, Bala. The people are okay, thank ALLAH we did not lose many. Please sit down Bala Hatun. Thank you. Thank ALLAH. Thank ALLAH we managed to fend off this trouble. Thank ALLAH. My sons fought well. You came right on time, Bala. But most importantly Salur Bey and his people. They fought with everything they have. May ALLAH bless them. May ALLAH bless you too, Osman Bey. We take our courage from you, Osman Bey. Astagfirullah.

While we were trying to find a home you gave us a home. You put the cause of ghaza in our hearts. It’s our duty to help you in bad times, Osman Bey. No. We gave lands to many but they turned their backs on us on hard times. Do you know what’s real courage? Real courage is the loyalty shown on the worst times. But worse times are waiting for us. We couldn’t kill their commanders and stop the army.

We are in a tough spot. But the remedy is our unity. Well those who did not see our real power defended us today, no matter what. May ALLAH bless all of them. Ameen. Ameen. As long as you are supporting us, we will never be defeated. May ALLAH make our unity everlasting. Ameen. Boran. My Bey. Now send alps everywhere. How big this army is, where it will pass through, learn everything.

As you command my Bey. Come on brother. My sons, Bala. Come on, it’s time to leave. Thank you for everything. Give me your blessing. Astagfirullah, Osman Bey. You give us your blessing. I give you my blessing. Come on now, come on. Come on. Come on sons. Tekfur, Osman’s family is ready to give up their lives to protect him! If I did not have the seal most of those who follow me, would betray me. Osman’s greatest strength is his family.

They all follow him like they are enchanted! Soldiers! Get off the horses! The soldiers and the horses will walk separate. You will walk. As you command Tekfur Hadrath. If I told them to die they will die Nayman. And I don’t have a seal. And fear. . . No soldier who is ready to die can fear anything. And they are loyal. They are my people. I am strong enough to crush Osman with my feet.

And what you’ve seen is just the beginning. When you see the people who come together under my Sanjac you’ll realize my magic. Bring your armies soon. We won’t fail again Tekfur. The army won’t be coming for now. What do you mean? First, I’ll ask for a strong advance unit. They’re good at hiding. They’re as strong as lions. They won’t miss.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 129 English Subtitles

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