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Kurulus Osman Episode 126 (Season 4 Episode 28) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 126 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 126, I have nothing else to say. I have no daughter to lose either. And I have no children to lose. And I have no children to lose. I see your pain. I know there’s a mother inside of you that lives. I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the mother. Don’t let your daughter’s killer be free. Tell the truth in court. Let’s end Ismihan together. Don’t keep Malhun from her kids. May I come in? Come in. Aunt. They’re waiting for the funeral. Nayman’s BaseDon’t! Nayman! Don’t do this! If I gave you a job you have to do it in time.

You will pay for your stupidity. Don’t! Great Nayman! Don’t do this! Great Nayman don’t! Don’t! Carry the parts of catapults to the carriages. I won’t build the catapults here. Osmandamaged us by killing the shaman. What will we do now Commander Nayman? Spirits are angry. Warriors want blood. Soon we will wash our swords with Osman’s blood. We’ll water the plants with his blood. Erlik Han’s angerwill be felt by all. We’ll finish building the catapults. Now I need the master the Tekfur is going to send me.

Commander Nayman. Mother Sultan sent word. Ismihan arrested Osman’s Hatun. She is trying to put Osman to trouble. Now it’s my turn. Erlik Han. . . Strengthen my sword with your rage. I’m going to separate Osman’s head from his body. From the animals feeding on Yenisehir’s land to the kids in their cribsI’m going to kill them all. Commander Nayman, Tekfur of Bursa is coming. You’ll never be able to build the catapults, Nayman. Are you trying to get yourself killed brother? Bayindir Bey. . . Bayindir Bey sent this. So? It’s from Osman Bey.

The catapults Nayman is getting building to attack us will be his end. It’s time. You’re going to bring the catapults out of the headquarters tomorrow. Boran. Send the Alps to Yenisehir. Those who are not there for security will come with us. We’re going to go to that Sogut in such a way that we won’t let them have Malhun. We’ll get her somehow. My bey, shouldn’t we wait for the trail? Are we going to wait for the trail Ismihan has created with her slander? Tell me, Boran. No. Ismihan’s sense of justice has been tipped off toward her own gain.

We will get our justice through our own swords. EyvAllah, my bey. My bey, she has the people on her side too, going there. . . By turning my people against me she wants to tarnish my reputation. If we stay silent against this then we would be accepting the slander. That fake trial of hers is hers and the field is ours. EyvAllah, my bey. These lands are ours. EyvAllah, my bey. Ismihan will end too. InsAllah, my bey. But people will know the truth. Kumral. My bey. With the ahis, you’re going to go around the bazaar and all.

The people will learn about all the ill-intended things Ismihan has done till today one by one. As you wish my bey. My bey. Are we planning a move against the trial my bey? We always have a move ready. Now the people will come closer to the truth with Kumral Abdal. And when the trial comes they will see the truth. Osman. . . The rule you’ve been trying to accomplish till now is going down with such a small dagger wound. Soon. What do the people you put to follow Bayindir say? They’re going to tell us if something important happens Mother Sultan.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 126 English Subtitles

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