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Kurulus Osman Episode 125 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 125, Let our nation pay them. But sons. you’re talking about an impossible which will take time. It’s tough to condition people with this. If we want Bursa it’s a must, my bey. We need such an army to close on them from all angles. You’re right. You’re right sons. But. we need to plan out a new order. We need to increase the taxes. Tell me. How will you feed the Alps? Once we get rid of the enemy outside and the traitor within. we will have the power to feed them, my bey. EyvAllah. EyvAllah.

Then. that’s your new mission. As you wish my bey. As you wish my bey. Come on then. We rested our horses. We rested too. We won’t be able to rest during the conquest. Now we need to reach there before the caravan. Come on sons. Come on. Come on. Mother Sultan. Nayman. Ismihan. What are you up to? Why didn’t you come to the divan? You tried to take my life on the way to it. Why? You first took the Seal. and then wanted to get me out of your way. How dare you show up here now? You wouldn’t be standing here. if I wanted to kill you. My arrows tend to hit their targets.

If my intention was to kill you. I wouldn’t be here with just one man. Something’s up. and we’re clearly the ones doing it. Osman. . . BURSA PALACEYour swords, Osman Bey. Alright, my sons. You’re going to wait, Osman Bey. Come here. So be it. . . So be it. Take care, Merchant Tasiris. Do you think it’s time, father? No. . . We’re going to wait, sons. We’re going to wait. Take care, Commander Saveri. You’re going to wait for longer, Osman Bey. The Tekfur still has guests of higher importance. Oh, really? Oh, really? Dear Dermos! Welcome!

Tekfur Hadrath is waiting for you. So, my sons. Every leader values his people over anything. It’s better we wait here a bit longer. What is Tekfur’s intention, father? He thinks he gives us a lesson, son. We are understanding people, my Bey but this is too much! Sooner or later I’ll call them to account for this! Calm down, son. Quickly! Quickly! Tekfur Hadrath doesn’t like his meal to wait at all! Come in, Osman Bey. Let’s go, sons. The sheep I’m eating is from one of your flocks. It’s quite delicious.

What is a shepherd, who can only serve me in my kitchen, doing. in my presence? I heard you met Nayman. That’s why I’m here. Are you going to call me to account for I met your enemy? I am not going to call you to account. But. you’ll tell me if you made a deal with Nayman. Look, you’ve already started to call me to account. Why are your children with you? You thought I wouldn’t kill you and show mercy because your children would be with you? I heard your name.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 125 English Subtitles

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