Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 113 (Season 4 Episode 15) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 113 (Season 4 Episode 15) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 112 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 113, Osman brought Mesut to the palace to rescue Sheikh and Bala. But Ismihan backed out at the last moment and right away released the execution order. Moreover, she asked Olof to come out. When Osman was fighting to save his wife and Sheikh from the hang, the Sultan arrived with his army. After some time, Kantakuzenos also arrived to take Osman. Kantakuzenos said that Osman’s case should be handled by the Byzantine court, but the Sultan refused to allow this.

As Bengi saw Olof in the fort, she got out of control and began arguing with Ismihan. The Sultan ordered Osman and Bala to be put in prison. Kumral tried to prepare the cure of the pandemic, but it could not stop the disease. Malhun instructed alps to raid Marta’s shop and left for the palace. Sultan asked for forgiveness  to Sheikh and said he wanted to take Aladdin with him to Konya. But Sheikh refused him to take Aladdin to Konya without Osman’s consent and said that he did not further want to stay in this Palace. Shopivor provides a wide range of products from Women Clothes to Baby, Kids Toys, Shoes, , Home Improvements, Electronics, Kitchen and dinning and much more. Enjoy quality products, unbeatable prices, and fast delivery – all from the comfort of your home

Kantakuzenos reached the woods with Olof and said that he needed to capture the holy slab from Osman at any cost. When Olof was instructing Kantakouzenos to murder the Emperor, Ismihan arrived with her troops and said she would make ways for them to enter the fort. When Osman finished his  prayer with his wife, soldiers took him in front of Sultan to talk with him and said that he would soon be found guilty for his acts. Sultan told him that the court will announce a death penalty for him. On the same night, Kantakuzenos entered the Palace with his soldiers with carts and started heading towards the prison.

Malhun got to know about Osman’s situation and started to stand in the way of the Sultan. Kantakuzenos took advantage of Bala to take Osman out of prison. When Boran reached the dungeon he noticed that Osman had already been kidnapped. Ismihan said that she will make it public to everyone that Osman ran away alone because he was guilty. Kantakuzenos brought Osman to a cave and billed him there. He tries to open Osman’s mouth by asking questions. Osman told him where the holy slab was. Kantakuzenos then went to talk to a shepherd to get the holy cross.

Osman managed to free his hands from the tied rope and fought with Olof and Frigg. He ran away with Bala  in the woods. Olof followed him with his army but got trapped by Osmans soldiers. Ismihan asked Malhun to go back to her tribe. When Kantakuzenos was following the shepherd  for the cross, Osman arrived and murdered him. Odman asked one of his soldiers to send Kantakuzenos’ head to Ismihan. Osman came back to the tribe with Bala and had dinner with his family that night. Ismihan became mad when he got to know that Osman killed Kantakuzenos and said that from now on she would act as if she is in favor of Osman.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 113 English Subtitles

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