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Kurulus Osman Episode 111 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 112, Osman reached Sogut with his army and began  heading towards the dervish cottage. Ismihan raided the lodge, bullied Sheikh and arrested him but thankfully Sheikh hid Mesut in the hidden place. Ismihan took Sheikh with her to Marmaracik. Osman found Mesut within a short time later where Mesud informed Osman about what happened in the dervish cottage. Esma brought a note to Bala after reading the note which Ismihan sent, Bala decided to set off hiddenly. Malhun found out that Bala had left the mansion and right away left to inform Osman about being lured in a trap. When Osman was planning to take Sheikh back, Malhun arrived and said that Bala had left the mansion.

Ismihan released orders to arrest Bala and locked her in a dungeon. Oktem was not in favor of keeping Sheikh in the prison but he could not protest to Ismihan. Osman reached the fort  and asked Ismihan to come out. Ismihan gave Osman a day to return to Mesut and demanded  him not to invade the palace. Osman then visited his father’s grave and prayed for him. When Sheikh was struggling to cool down Bala, Ismihan arrived and began to accuse him. Sheikh said sooner  she would be guilty. Osman and his companions began scooping out a subway that night and sneaked into the fort after a while.

Ismihan used Bala and Sheikh to stop Osman and demanded him to give her Mesut right away. Osman set off the fort to save Bala and the Sheikh would not die. Osman discussed with Mesut and said that he would go to the palace  with him. Osman met Turgut and shared with him his plan. Turgut halted Sultan and convinced him to go to Sogut first by showing the fake message with Ismihan’s seal. The Sultan announced that first visit Sogut and would help the sick people there and went to meet Malhun. With the help of Kamrul Abdal, Malhun prepared a medicated meal for Sultan. After having the meal, the Sultan started to sleep.

Kantakuzenos went into a cave to secretly meet first with a cardinal and then to the Sultan’s Vizier. Kantakuzenos said he would take back the holy slab from Osman and the Byzantine would get back the empire of Anatolia. Osman returned to the palace with Mesut, but against the deal, Ismhan ordered the death penalty of both Bala and Sheikh.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 112 English Subtitles

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