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Kurulus Osman Episode 111 (Season 4 Episode 13) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 111, Osman reached the woods with Mesut and said that he would keep him in a safe location and nailed the horses backwards to mislead them. Samagar traced the tracks of Osman in the woods with his troops and prepared poisoned arrows for the attack. Mesut said that if Osman helped him to get the throne back, he would open doors of the west for him and would help him in conquest. Samagar found Osman’s squad and immediately shot Mesut with a poisoned arrow. Osman’s men covered him and made him escape from this trap. Osman took the Sultan to a nearby cave to save his life.

Bala and Malhun started arguing in the market over the distribution of food. Bengi informed Ismihan about the fight between Bala and Malhun in the market. Ismihan instantly made her move and tried to play with Bala. Osman prepared a cure with one of his soldiers to treat Mesut’s injury and asked to bring the Sheikh there. Sheikh secretly brought Mesut to the city. Osman instructed Bala to grab Ismihan’s seal without getting into anyone’s notice. Frigg started to torture Konur on Ismihan’s call but could not opened his mouth. Turgut summoned the Beys and said he wanted to attack Olof again and take castles back. Osman reached the palace and told Turgut about his plan.

Turgut took action without wasting any time and met Ismihan. After learning the location of Mesut from Turgut, Ismihan handed Turgut the horses he asked for in return for this information. As per Bala instructions, the maid added sleeping pills to Ismihan’s drink. As Ismehan got asleep, Bala stole the seal. Samagar reached the whereabouts of Mesut as per Ismehan’s instructions to attack Osman but got trapped. Meanwhile, Bayindir was secretly watching the war.

After a short time, Turgut and Beys reached with their army, Osman murdered the Mongolian soldiers and executed Samagar. Bayindir came out of his hiding place and faked that he was with Osman. Osman made new orders with the stamp he captured and took back occupied castles back. Olof got to know that Osman had come to seize the castle, but when he showed him the order with Ismihan’s seal, he could not do anything. Osman reoccupied the fort that he lost and came back to the city. When Ismihangrit informed that Osman had regained the palaces, she immediately asked to  attack the lodge of Sheikh with a large army. Sultan got to know that Osman murdered Samagar and said that he would punish him.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 111 English Subtitles

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