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Kurulus Osman Episode 107 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 108, Olof started to raid the training base and fired all the catapults by firing arrows. Bala asked the soldiers to bring the fire and instructed them to wait for her signal. Alps started to attack with pots stuffed with gunpowder and stepped back as per Bala’s instruction. Valida Sultan found out the location of Osman’s quarter and became mad with him and asked him from whom he got permission for setting up a quarter. Osman said he did not need anyone’s help and immediately set out to save his alps.

Aisha noticed that Aktemur had not come back to the city and tried to learn what happened to him. Alcicek refused to talk about Aktemur after that and asked to not mention his name ever again in front of her and started to make marriage preparations with her mother. Osman accused Konur for the attack and asked him to get out. Osman then checked in to Inegol and told him that he only knew the headquarters location and held him responsible for the attack. Turgut refused and said he was not behind this attack. Osman told Turgut that Inegol was not his anymore and asked  to leave Inegol and went back to the city to talk to the Beys.

Aisha found the horse traces in the woods and went to the city to inform Osman. Osman started the council and said that they will hiddenly make preparations for the attack. When Aisha told Osman about the disappearance of Aktemur  he immediately sent some of his soldiers to the woods in search of him. Bayindir brought Olof into town without anyone knowing. Olof said that Valida Sultan should now give Marmaracik to the Vikings, but was unsuccessful in persuading her. Sultan said that Olof should work until Osman dies.

Osman began  to build his new headquarters which was pretty close to Marmaracik and later went to rescue Aktemur. Osman followed the fake  traces which were set up by vikings, but Aktemur was not there. Bengi began the ceremony preparations and invited Malhun. Konur  appeared in front of the Sultan and asked for an apology. And wished to again work for the Seljuks.

Konur secretly  listened to the conversations of the soldiers and found out the location of Aktemur. Konur  went to the mansion without coming into anyones eye  and immediately informed Osman. Osman left to save Aktemur for another time with his soldiers. When everyone including Oktem and Bayindir were waiting in the Palace for the start of the ceremony Osman arrived. Bala hiddenly went to Alcicek’s room and asked her to run away. Osman invited everyone to Aktemur and Alcicek’s wedding in Inegol castle.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 108 English Subtitles

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