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Kurulus Osman Episode 100 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 101, Osman was given sword fighting training to Aladdin and after finishing the practice sent a soldier with a message to Constantinople. Kantakuzenos said that he would take revenge on Osman because of an unsuccessful murder plan. When Osman’s messenger was on the way,  Frigg stopped them in the middle and murdered them. Olof and his men took the getup like Turks and attacked Makri. Orhan went hunting in the woods with his soldiers. Malhun started to prepare food to meet her son. While Orhan was busy hunting, Dan was chasing him secretly and invaded Orhan.

He killed all the soldiers of Orhan and grabbed him. Dan said he was going to kill Orhan inch by inch and began to break his fingers. When Osman was on his way, he found the lifeless bodies of his soldiers in the woods and then Orhan. When Dan was about to cut off the palm of Orhan, Osman attacked him and began to  cut off his fingers. Batur saw the dead bodies in Makri and tried to figure out who was behind this. Olof said that the Turks did this mass killing and murdered everyone who came to Makri.

Frigg reached Yenisher and took a getup like a Turk and introduced her as Leo’s sister. When Oktem checked in to Makri and saw Batur’s dead body. Olof appeared once again and said that Turks were behind this mass killing. But Oktem refused to accept this. When Oktem was about to attack Olof, Turgut arrived and came across everyone. Olof said he would only handover the dead bodies of Turks to Osman. Bayindir started to raise anger in Oktem against Osman.

Princess Ofelia went to the theater for investigation and gave instructions to seize Kohnor. After a brief interrogation, Ofelia noticed that Sarkis was not behind the Emperor’s murder plan. The Emperor got the news of the mass killing in the village but refused to accept that Osman was behind this. Kantakuzenos asked the King’s agreement to interrogate this incident and  set out right away.

Osman brought the criminal to Yenisher and asked to put him in the Lock up. Alcicek secretly went to the prison to murder Dan on Bengi’s order but accidentally injured Aktemur with knife. Olof set many traps in the woods and started to wait for Osman’s arrival. Osman threw barrels of explosives into the woods and then blasted them with the fired arrow. While the two enemies were battling Kantakuzenos reached and said he knew who was behind the massacre.

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