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Kurulus Osman Episode 100 (Season 4 Episode 2) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 99 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 100, Before the beginning of the conference, Osman asked everyone to gather at the courtyard of the mansion. There he addressed the people of Yenisehir and at the end of the meeting he slaughtered a lamb. Bayindir and Oktem Bey arrived in Yenisehir to attend this meeting. Osman said that a new period has started, and he began to ask questions to everyone. Osman made public as Orhan the ruler of Karacahisar and Aktemur the head of soldiers.

Aladdin was not happy with Osman’s announcement. Osman instructed Oktem to send soldiers to the Marmaracik region because of their difficult situation. While Osman was busy in the meeting, a soldier arrived and shared a secret  note with him. Osman immediately ended the conference after reading that message. Kantakuzenos asked the Byzantine King to attack the Turks  but the Emperor refused to do this due to the region’s peace. So the commander started to create secret plans.

Osman embarked on his journey with his companions to go to Constantinople. Malhun and some women came to the Bengi tribe to examine the items that would come to the market. Malhun was not satisfied with their products and rejected their goods due to their poor quality. But Bengi Hatun started defending her products. Konur took the get up  like a slave trader and was gathering information about the plan related to the murder of the Emperor.

Osman reached Constantinople by sea hiddenly that night. Konus received him at the port and  took Osman to a secret subway and informed him that the commander was a betrayer. Kantakuzenos asked the cardinal for the pop’s support in this regard and asked the commander to murder the Byzantine Emperor. The very next morning, gladiators and slaves were brought into the theater. The Emperor gave the green signal to start the show, and all the people were screaming with joy. During the middle of the show, the Sentaur’s troops rolled in and started to attack.

Osman jumped into the ground of the theatre and save the Emperor from the murderer. Soon Kantakuzenos noticed that his plan had flopped  and escaped. While hiding from Osman, he grabbed the Sentaur and asked him to seal his mouth to hide the reality. The Emperor began discussing with Osman and asked  him why he saved him and what he was doing here. Osman told him he wanted a long term peace agreement in the region.

Kantakuzenos checked into the port to meet with the Vikings and accepted the offer to provide them with an army. While Osman was on the way back to Yenisehir,  he got stuck in the trap set by Saga on his way. Osman murdered Saga and soon found out that these people were a different enemy. Olof found out that Osman had murdered Saga and swore he will take his revenge to him

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Kurulus Osman Episode 100 English Subtitles

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