Erkenci Kus (Daydreamer) with English Subtitles

Erkenci Kus (Daydreamer) with English Subtitles

Erkenci Kus (Daydreamer) with English Subtitles


Sanem is literally a dreamer. She works in a small grocery shop with his father. She is famous for her early starts in morning. She’s always merry and positive towards her environment and quite pleased with her life. After working in the shop, she continues to write her book, which is believed not to be ever finished by their friends. Yet, she believes she will certainly finish it.

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One day, Sanem’s happy life turns upside down. Her mother threatens her to get married unless she finds an office job just like other young girls. If Sanem cannot find a decent job, her parents would give their permission Muzaffer (the groom-to-be), who has been in love with Sanem for a long time and wants to get married to her.

In order not to get married, Sanem starts looking for an office job. She starts to work in an advertising company, where her sister Leyla works. Since she does not have any work experience, Sanem would not have any specific job description and she would run errands in the office.

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Sanem tries to adjust her new work life but she gets her nose into trouble all the time. The new arrangements in the company also make the things more complicated. The owner of the company retires and his elder son Can becomes the new manager. Can is a handsome photographer who travels around the world and takes beautiful photos. He is free-spirited, adventurous, and cool. He does not like city life and for this reason, he leaves his family business behind. The moment Can meets Sanem, he is attracted by her naturalness.

In Daydreamer (Erkenci Kus), we watch how the life of Sanem changes after she starts working at the advertising company. The quest she set out has lots of unexpected events of adventure, action and love. Click Here to Write an Honest Review.


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