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Watch Destan Episode 4 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 3 Review

In Destan Episode 4, After the rituals in the church, ece ordered to arrest kamakdin. Alpagu was taken back to the room by Temur. Kaya demanded help from Temur against the balamir if his father will die. Balamir told that the pure Turkish soul is only Batuga but even he is not a Khan. Alpagu gets up by seeing Tilsim in his dreams and he asked Danis to assist him.

Akkiz with other prisoners came to the lodge. By using the tunnel in the palace, Batuga also came to the lodge. Batuga started to talk with Akkiz. Saltuk was asked by Kaya to again atatack to the tribe of Dag. Kaya said to saltuk to arrest Colpan. That night, saltuk came to the tribe to talk with Colpan secretly. Colpan after taking the gold of Akkiz set out.

Akkiz rejected the help of batuga as she was thinking that captives will be set free by colpan. Akkiz began to inform him about the tribe of Dag. The assistant of kircicek came to give the information to the commander but kaya came to know about this. Later, kaya took the throne of his father. Balamir had objections over this. However, balamir was stopped by Danis and Ece respectively. Immediately, colpan reached the palace.

He has been questioned by kaya and Temur about the assassination. Colpan told that she was innocent. But kaya said that all the women of the tribe would be investigated. Akkiz and other women were brought by the soldiers. The lives of the women were saved because batuga answered the questions to akkiz during his investigation. Later, Ece wanted to bargain for the arrested women but colpan replied that she had no more money.

Now the Dag tribe’s women were the prisoners of the palace. Some captives were sent to the fields for work and in the kitchen by Ece. Once again the life of akkiz was saved by batuga. Alpagu talked with balamir and he commanded him to start the engagement. At the request of alpagu, kircicek and batuga got engaged.

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