Home Turkish TV Series Turkish TV Series with English Subtitles Alp Arslan Great Seljuks Season 2 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Alp Arslan Great Seljuks Season 2 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Alp Arslan Great Seljuks Season 2 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Alp Arslan Great Seljuks Season 2 English Subtitles Full Season Free


In Alp Arslan Great Seljuks Season 2, Kekamauenos felt that he had murdered Yannis and due to this he was very distressed. Diogenes came to know that in actuality Alp Arslan is the gladiator and he ordered his barmy to arrest him. During this, atabey run away from the castle and hide in a jungle with Alp Arsalan.

A trap was set by the soldiers of byzantine in the jungle. They tried to arrest alpn arslan. After some time, the soldiers of alp Arslan came there and they saved alp Arslan. Quickly, alparslan with Hassan moved to the palace. kakemonos are sad over the death of his son and he wanted to take revenge on his son.

The assistant of Yannis approached there and informed that the traitor is Alpagut. Akca learned that Hassan was saved by alparslan. Akca came back to his tribe. Alpagut speaks of his innocence. Alpagut and the assistant of Yannis were investigated by General. The assistant of Yannis was also killed by kekaumenos. Sultan ordered caghri to return to the palace so he came back.

Tughrul also asked many questions from his brother and late he hugged his brother. General was informed by Diogenes that he knows the truth. When caghri was communicating about alparsalan, he returns to the palace. Tughrul became happy to see his brother Hassan, alive. Tughrul admired Alp Arsalan. Again, Karaca argued with Akca.

Alparslan was informed by caghri that sehver was attacked by somebody. Alp Arslan tells that he will go to the house of Bozan to search for Shehzad. During this, the lord arrives at the palace of Turks. Lord tells that the person responsible for the death of his son is alp Arslan. Also, he demands alp arslan. But his offer was rejected by the sultan. The lord asks that he will attack the whole army of byzantine if the sultan does not return Alp Arslan.

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Later, alparslan came back with Hassan to the tribe. The lord also reaches the castle and tells that soon he will attack the Seljuk. Shezade is hidden by bozan in his housethen alp arslan reaches there. Alp Arslan tells that he is in search of Shehzad so he wants to explore his house. Alp Arslan searched the house but he is unable to find Shehzad. After some time, the sultan comes to the tribe and began to talk with caghri. The sultan tells that the Lord wants to have alparslan.

During this, alparslan came there and confesses that he is the person who is answerable for everything. Lord informs that sultan is not enough courageous so he will hand over the Alp Arslan. Then, the lord privately calls Akca in the castle. At that time, a car reaches there. Lord considers that alparslan is sent by the sultan in this car so he moves towards the car.

Caghri and Turghut came out of the car. by seeing this situation, the lord got surprised and he starts to find the medal in the hand of  Tughrul. The sultan informs that Yannis is accountable for the massacre so the castle should be given to the Turks by the lord. While the truth is being hidden by the general and Evdokya.


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