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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 12 Synopsis:

In Episode 12 of Mehmed Fetihler Sultani, Sultan Mehmed faces numerous challenges in preparing for battle. He fires a cannon to test them before using them in battle, but the explosion causes an explosion, causing widespread opposition. The Arban teacher responsible for the cannon blast is blamed for the attack, and Sardar Bali Sahib and his soldiers are injured. Meanwhile, Akanji Hamza arrives and confronts Sultan Mahmood about the mara woman.

Sultan Mehmed sends Zaghanus Pasha, a special soldier, to investigate the incident. Zaghanus Pasha follows the rest of the soldiers to Lekia Fort, where a young Akanji soldier helps Zaghanus Pasha open the fort at the behest of Byzantine Emperor Constantinos. When the Mara woman is presented to Constantinos, he offers to marry her, but the woman refuses, stating she is the wife of Sultan Murad. Sultan Mehmed is upset and seeks a brave messenger to convey his terms to Constantinos.

Emperor Constantinos appears unfazed by Sultan Mehmed’s situation and respects him. However, upon hearing Sultan Mehmed’s conditions, he uses Prime Minister Janwali Pasha to avoid supporting them. Emperor Constantinos is forced to hand over the mara woman to the sultan, but does not force her to marry. Sultan Mahmud returns the slain woman without war, and Emperor Constantinos leaves Constantinople without soldiers. However, Emperor Constantineus informs the mara woman that Wazir Jandali Pasha had a hand in abducting her.

In summary, Episode 12 of Mehmed Fetihler Sultani explores the challenges faced by Sultan Mehmed and the Byzantine Empire.

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