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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 9 Synopsis:

Mehmed episode 9 starts with Adarna, where Kar Aman announces war with the opinion of Minister Jandarli after getting frustrated by Sultan Ibrahim. And the preparations start for the Kar Aman campaign. But clever Minister Jandarli wants to stay in the palace to make his plans instead of going to the campaign. That is why he goes to the physician of the palace and agrees with him that he should tell everyone that Minister Jandarli is severely ill and can’t travel. Minister Jandarli threatens the physician, and the physician agrees to save his life.

Sultan Ibrahim gets ready to go on a campaign, but he receives news of the illness of Minister Jandarli so he says to stay at the palace. But during this Sultan Muhammad becomes suspicious about Jandarli and thinks he will use Shehzada Ahmed in his evil aim. That is why he calls old chief Ughlu Ali from the Akanji tribe of his father’s era aware of his doubts and entrusts him with Shehzadi, the palace and the Haram. During this, he knows that the servant and soldier have an affair and take advantage of Mustafa and prison. He agrees for the lover of Mustafa to bring Shehzad Ahmed with Halima. After going to the Sultan, Chief Ali is doing his job very properly. Jandarli stops the soldiers of Yanni Chari to go in Haram and makes a plan to attack the metal factory to create chaos in the palace he enters the Haram the Palace and kills all soldiers of the palace one by one.

But Chief Ali is still protecting Haram. In the second scene, Halima Hatun goes to his son’s room cleverly and says to Gul Shah that she was called by Khala Sultan. She also wants to take Shehzada but Halima stops her she replies that she isn’t allowed by the Sultan. Halima Hatun tries to kill Gulshah but Khala Sultan arrives there, catches Halima and sends them to Chief Ali. At last, they find Chief Ali and start their door, but Chief Ali already knows their plan, and he guides the little Shehzade about the chors and evil plans. So, the little prince agrees to sacrifice his life for the sake of his brother and Chief Ali Martiyard the little prince. When Jandarli sees the dead body of the little prince, he gets angry and starts to kill Chief Ali and his soldiers. At the end of the episode, we watch that before starting the campaign, Yanni Chari’s chief, Kortuchu Doghan, starts choars with his soldiers in the army of Sultan Ahmed against Ahmed. They demand gold from the Sultan and say they will face the worst consequences, and the episode ends here.

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