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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 24 Synopsis

Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 24 begins with Salahuddin nearly capturing Bernard. However, Bernard’s sister Elisa intervenes, allowing Bernard to escape with her, and Salahuddin falls into their trap.

Afterward, Salahuddin takes Prince Mevdud to Malik Daulat, who is furious with the Zengis due to his son’s murder. Zangi, having also fallen into Bernard’s trap, is preparing for an attack on the kingdom. Salahuddin explains to Malik Daulat that Bernard staged the first attack disguised as soldiers from another kingdom to incite conflict. Salahuddin captures a soldier who confesses that Bernard did not kill Altamas. Keeping his promise, Salahuddin spares the soldier and offers a thousand gold coins for the head of his true enemy.

Sultan Nur-ud-Din arrives at the palace and consults Umar Mulla Afandi about punishing Malik Mevdud. Mevdud is brought for punishment, and Sultan Nur-ud-Din initially decides to burn his eyes with hot iron but eventually forgives him, giving him another chance.

Meanwhile, Bernard, realizing his identity has been exposed, forms an alliance with a Fatimid Caliphate leader to strengthen his power in Gaza. However, Karatigan, seeking a bounty, tracks Bernard and attacks the meeting place, but Bernard escapes.

Malik Daulat goes to Gaza to capture Bernard. Princess Victoria informs him that Bernard has left and forms an alliance with him, leading to an agreement to free Muslim slaves in Gaza in exchange for halting the attack.

Sultan Nur-ud-Din, realizing a potential trick, prepares for war. He tries to unite the Abbasid Caliphate chiefs with the help of Umar Mullah Afandi and Abdul Qadir Jilani. Despite initial opposition, they proceed to attack Gaza. Salahuddin breaks into the city, but Bernard traps him and waits for reinforcements from the Fatimids. However, Abdul Qadir Jilani intercepts the Fatimid forces, allowing Sultan Nur-ud-Din and Salahuddin to conquer Gaza. Episode 24 ends with their victory.

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