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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 17 Synopsis

Episode 17 of “Salahuddin Eyyubi” commences with an assault on Salahuddin’s tribe by Greygor soldiers, sparking a fierce battle. Amidst the clash, Salahuddin, driven by rage, inflicts an injury upon one of Greygor’s eyes, prompting Greygor to retreat in a wounded state.

Meanwhile, Prince Mewdud launches an attack on Jewish Abraham and his troops in the forest, seizing their valuable treasury, including the Ark of the Covenant and a hundred gold coins, as spoils of war. Abraham warns of dire consequences. Later, he directs his trusted aide, Simon, to instruct spies to track Sultan Nuruddin, intending to capture him and seek retribution through his humiliation.

We then witness Sultan Nuruddin, who had journeyed to Medina for a crucial mission. They thwart an attempt to demolish the Ka’bah house in Medina. Upon completing the task, while resting at a camp during their return, they encounter individuals claiming to be Muslims but displaying non-Muslim behavior. Sultan Nuruddin discerns their deceit and eliminates them. As they depart, they alter their route, arousing Simon’s suspicion, who begins trailing them.

Subsequently, Salahuddin’s tribe faces another crisis in Sultan Nuruddin’s absence. Prince Mewdud, exploiting his authority, attempts to demean Salahuddin by appointing Kara Tegin as the tribe’s chief commander. Despite Salahuddin’s objections, Mewdud imposes this decision, awaiting Sultan Nuruddin’s return.

The following day, Sultan Nuruddin returns via the forest route. However, Crusader soldiers ambush them, along with Jewish Abraham, capturing Sultan Nuruddin, Salahuddin, and their companions. Abraham proposes a treaty, demanding their treasury in exchange for Sultan’s release. Sultan Nuruddin refuses, but upon learning of his capture, Prince Mewdud seeks the treasury for Sultan’s release, causing chaos. Despite Salahuddin’s resolve not to surrender the treasury, even at the cost of Sultan’s life, Mewdud insists on returning it to secure Sultan’s release.

Kara Tegin, meanwhile, acts independently in Salahuddin’s tribe, imprisoning Turan Shah. Salahuddin confronts him, demanding his brother’s release, but Kara Tegin refuses, citing Turan Shah’s dishonor.

As Salahuddin plans Sultan Nuruddin’s rescue, Prince Mewdud prepares to return the treasury. However, at the rendezvous, Jewish Abraham traps Mewdud, injures him, and seizes the treasury, intending to kill Sultan Nuruddin in Jerusalem. The episode ends with Sultan Nuruddin and Salahuddin wounded by arrows, and Sultan Nuruddin falling into the river.

In the trailer for Episode 18, chaos erupts as Sultan Nuruddin’s whereabouts remain unknown after sustaining injuries and disappearing into the river. Prince Mewdud faces blame, claiming he acted for his brother’s sake. Salahuddin embarks on a quest to find Sultan Nuruddin, while Mewdud arranges funeral prayers in mosques, presuming Sultan Nuruddin dead. Tensions escalate, setting the stage for further conflict.

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