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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 12 Synopsis

In Selahuddin Episode 11, we see at the beginning that Sultan Noor al-Din asks Sultan al-Din Caratigin how he saved Salahuddin. He replies, “I was about to kill Salahuddin, but the Crusaders reached me first and killed everyone, and they were about to burn Salahuddin, but at that moment, I arrived, lifted Salahuddin, handed his sword and ring to someone else so that no one could follow me because Salahuddin was in a very delicate condition and needed treatment.”

Then Sultan Noor al-Din tells him, “You must have some plan behind all this.” To which he replies, “It is the tradition of the Turks that whether the enemy is their own or someone else’s Turk, they never attack a wounded person, Sultan Noor al-Din warns him, “Do not come in front of me again,” to which he says, “I will definitely come because we have a lot of settling of scores left.”

Then there is a scene change, and we see Sultan Noor al-Din, who had brought Salahuddin to the palace and there, they also see their women who had prepared themselves to go to war. And there comes Azmat Khatoon, who tells Sultan Noor al-Din that an important thing related to war is, and then she tells Sultan Noor al-Din that she and her tribe are with Sultan Noor al-Din and they will fight alongside Sultan against the Christians. Sultan Noor al-Din warns her to be cautious because the alliance with us may trouble the Christians of your tribe. On the other hand, when the Christian commanders come to know about the alliance of Azmat Khatoon, they become very angry. And the mountain lord tells them to attack the Boru tribe and finish them all. When a special soldier of Gabrial comes to take revenge, they confront Omar Mala Afandi and Caratigin in the forest, and there is a confrontation between them in the forest, but Caratigin and his soldiers overwhelm the Christians. When the brother of Gabrial comes with his soldiers towards the Boru tribe to attack, and the supervisors get injured during this battle, Seria Khatoon and her sister also get injured. So when Sultan Noor al-Din comes to help the people, he finds them injured, and he sends Asmat Khatoon to the tent for treatment.

Then there is a scene change, and we see Salahuddin going towards the city of Ascalon to save Seria Khatoon, but on the way, he meets Gabrial, who asks him if he is going to save Seria Khatoon, to which Salahuddin tells him that he has come not only to save her but to take revenge on all of you. Then, the supervisors bring Amir Mansoor, Seria Khatoon’s father, who is in a wounded state, and in front of Salahuddin, he kills him and says if you do not withdraw your soldiers from the siege, then the corpse that will come in the evening will be of Seria Khatoon. And he shows Salahuddin the scarf of Seria Khatoon, which he had grabbed by disrespecting Seria Khatoon’s honor, which angers Salahuddin a lot.

Then the supervisors go to Sultan Noor al-Din and tell him to call back the army, but Sultan Noor al-Din tells him, “Now when everything is ready, and the entire army is waiting for my command, why are you asking to call them back?” To which Salahuddin tells him about Seria Khatoon and also about the killing of Amir Mansoor, to which Sultan Noor al-Din tells him that you have until evening if you can save her, then save her, otherwise, we will attack Ascalon and save her. The supervisors then meet their spy in the castle, who tells them about all the security, and promises to bring Seria Khatoon out of the castle through the pigeon.

Then when Royal and Guri Gaur are thinking that Seria Khatoon is safe and no one can take her out of the castle, at that time, Salahuddin’s spy goes to jail and brings Seria Khatoon out of jail, but the supervisors are still in the castle, and they come to know about the escape of Ria Khatoon, and there is a commotion in the castle, and soldiers stand in front of the gate, and Salahuddin’s spy also gets caught. Meanwhile, Salahuddin arrives there and kills them, and he reaches Seria Khatoon and they embrace each other, but one of the soldiers shoots at Seria Khatoon and she gets injured. So Salahuddin takes Seria Khatoon to the Boru tribe in an injured state and there he arranges for her treatment.

Viewers, we see that Sultan Noor al-Din sends the messenger who brought the message to Gabrial for the announcement of war, and he also kills that messenger. On the other hand, one of the Hashashin women recites prayers for Sultan Noor al-Din’s women. And here, the episode number 11 ends.

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