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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 10 Synopsis

Selahaddin Eyyubi series is continuing with its very exciting and entertainment-filled episodes and today I have come with a new video related to Selahaddin Eyyubi series, in this video of mine, I will give you a review of Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 10 and you will be told in this article how it started and where it ended and you will definitely watch the video till the end.
So the audience starts the episode with Selahaddin Eyyubi. Where he ends up throwing Commander Gabriel into a ravine, and Saladin Eyyubi’s soldiers approach him with Master Blackfold. “When he sees the Master Commander’s helmet on the ground, he sighs and tells Saladin,” “You killed my son.” “” I will not leave you at all, so Saladin says that he has been punished for what he did and now it is the turn of Princess Victoria. Then Saladin Eyyubi’s soldiers tell him that Princess Victoria has been seen on the way to Aslan and they immediately follow her.

Then the scene changes and we see the young Victoria, who is caught in a group of prisoners on the way, but the leader of this group is King Bal Don Kehuti, who spies for Saladin Eyyubi.This convoy is stopped by women with their soldiers and how I have seen Princess Victoria hiding here. Then this princess stands in front of Victoria and says that Saladin could not do anything to me, so what can you do to me? But the woman goes after him. In the meantime, Saladin reaches there and the girl who spied for Saladin tells Saladin that Princess Victoria has fled to this side. Saladin then goes after the princess, but before he can reach her, the woman’s father arrives and surrounds Princess Victoria. Princess Victoria begins to flee from there but he injures her by shooting an arrow.And he says that now we will take back the city of Aslan in exchange for the princess and takes her to his tribe.

Then the scene changes and we see Sultan Nuruddin sitting on the throne. When his brother Nasr-ud-Din arrives to capture Mehr, he is shocked to see them and Sultan Nur-ud-Din says that you are a traitor, on the contrary, he tells him that how can you say all this, Sultan Nur-ud-Din says that in the absence of his Sultan, to seize the kingdom and the throne, anyone can imprison my son in jail and go against me.He could be a traitor So if you are responsible, he says that I did all this for the good of the kingdom, if I let Saladin work according to his will, we would have faced some other difficulty, so I wanted to put him in jail to avoid the difficulty. Her eyes were likewise filled with jealousy and greed Were you the one he wonders so much about and says, “How can you make such a big accusation?” Gather them all together and make them stand in a line, and they will be judged, and he does so, and then Sultan Nur ad-Din punishes all of them for what they have done, and sentences his brother Prince Nasr ad-Din and his family to exile, and says that they should be expelled from the kingdom.And Amir Ayub’s son, Ran Shah, was accused of treason.

They also investigate him and honorably acquit him of this charge.Then the scene changes and we see Garry Gore, the brother of Commander Ghibral, who has come to avenge the death of his brother Gabriel.And he kills many of the soldiers sent by Saladin Eyyubi. While two of his very close soldiers take him prisoner and take him to the city of Jaghlan.

Then the scene changes and we see King Baldwin. When he learns that Princess Victoria is being held captive by the people of the town of KwaZiklan, he sets out with his soldiers to attack the tribe. When the news reaches Prince Saladin and Sultan Nur ad-Din So they say how can King Baldwin do this while we are there and with his soldiers they also go out to help the people of Ascalon.”As soon as the king attacks the Baal-Don tribe, he kills many of the people of the tribe and begins to take Princess Victoria, then Sultan Nur-Din arrives with Prince Salah-Din Eyyubi and kills King Baldwin’s soldiers and takes Princess Victoria and says,” “You can equip the princess only when there is an agreement between us and the woman is that you will release all the prisoners and withdraw all your soldiers from the Hajj route, to which he agrees and says,” “Okay.” “”

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