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Destan Episode 7 Review

In Destan Episode 8, Kircicek says that Akkiz is a claw. Akkiz goes to the palace with Kun Ata. Alpague learns that she has kidnapped the Tegins. Khan puts on his armor and goes for the Dag. Alpagu thinks that Akkiz has taken the hidden note on his armor. Alpagu postpones the hunting and goes back to the mountains. Akkiz says that Balamir makes a plan to kill the Tegins.

Batuga makes a plan to stop Balamir. Alpagu starts talking with Colpan to get his sons. Khan says Dag can trade freely. When Alpagus returns, he gets angry with Kaya and makes the Akkiz the bodyguard of Batuga. The son of Colpan goes to the palace and says that kaya will marry Tutkun.

Danis tells Khan that he has found a message they are looking for in the room of Balamir. Ece orders all women to live in the palace and asks Kuzu to kill Akkiz in the hunting festival. Kircicek argues Akkiz. Batuga says Akkiz to check the room of Saltuk. Akkiz sees Colpan and Saltuk are talking to each other and realize that they are doing a secret business.

Kaya stops Kuzu and tells him that he will marry Akkiz in the future. The men of Balamir attack Kaya and then Temur. The soldiers save Kaya. The attackers also attack Alpagu, but Balamir arrives and saves him. Balamir asks about the wound of Alpagu. Alpagu steps down, saying that he is not well.

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