Mendirman Jaloliddin Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Urdu

Mendirman Jaloliddin was shot in Uzbekistan and historians from different countries (Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran) worked on the script of the series. Mendirman Celaleddin is expected to successfully describe life, wars, and people of that time in Central Asia in the 1200s. table and recognize the devils  If we will go there, we also have to return  What will say our Sultan, what about Turkon hotin?  I came to hear your voice and join the conversation  But our prince is alone I’m sad with my friend Hakemas, my princess.

A magnificent palace cannot replace a lawn  When we lived in the Kipchak deserts  these grass were about to embrace us  When the sultan and I breathed a sigh of relief in the palace, we went out into the desert and sat for hours  You brought to my mind the smell of the Kipchak deserts  In that case, let’s go out into the desert one day and plant grass, grandma  let us walk in the wide meadows away from the palaces, luxuries and worries  InshAllah, my Prince  we will make it exactly as like that  But this is as ordinary, palace should be in charge of state affairs.

when the sultan rejoices, the people rejoice, and whatever is won by the sultan belongs to the people  that is, the state is one soul and one body  It is our first duty to take care of the people  Today I am alive, but tomorrow, the future of our state is you  I am always in praise of your courage  but every hero has a live-long mate  and every hunter his own dog  And if you are meaning about marriage, just leave it to me  our grandmother was speaking with complete confidence  that is, they have considered all directions and aspects  We had no doubt about it  Who is the candidate from my lineage, a Kipchak beauty  Now on the road, coming  firstly, just let me see her first  If I find her suitable for me, I will let you to know about her  I’m awating for it  Haqyemas.

What will happen?  Jalaliddin is getting closer to his new status every day  What else can we expect without the attention of our sultan to us?  Don’t wait for an assignment to show off  You are like Jaloliddin .. Don’t compare me to Jalaluddin  please  I am  I’m just thinking about my son’s future  but I am thinking of the future of the state  our sultan wants us to be a one big family  but you are talking about my brother Jalaliddin as a stranger  look at me  he is your brother, because you are from one mother  A brother born from another mother is considered as rival.  Competition in the palace means hostility  My brother Jalaliddin considers me as his brother  I  know his as an enemy You’re still a kid  Jaloliddin plays with his emotions, tell him to be aware, open his eyes  Brother, I’m young enough to know who has good in their hearts and who has evil in their hearts  It will become to late, when you understand it, It will be late to do something  Brother  stop arguing  once you fit in one belly, Don’t you think that you will fit in a big palace.

Our sultan did not release his opinion about Genghis Khan  Or did they say, “Didn’t I hear you, Temurmalik?”  according to the minister and the middle commanders, our sultan is taking it seriously  When we left the palace, did you notice how Prince Jalaliddin looked at him?  Yes, of course,  I’ve been fighting for years  I understand the meaning of his every move, every look  I don’t think he will leave things like that and just will sit in the corner  I don’t know what to say, but I’m afraid to say it  Please tell, whats the story  Here is the answer to your question  I guess Temurmalik is thinking about how to get rid of us  “I must be angry this time, my prince.” I’ll talk to him in a friendly way and please him  with a new lie  Do we give a sip of water to poor passengers?

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