Kizilelma The Great Conquest Episode 4 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Kizilelma The Great Conquest Episode 7 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Kizilelma The Great Conquest Episode 4 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Introduction of Kizilelma The Great Conquest

One significant turning point in Ottoman history was the loss of Constantinople. It not only cemented the Ottomans’ position as the dominating force in the area but also marked the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. The significance of Constantinople’s collapse in Ottoman history is still unmatched. It signified a significant change in the balance of geopolitical power and allowed the Ottomans to enlarge their empire.

Mehmed the Conqueror’s expansionist policy and frequent military wars characterized his reign. He was adamant about making the Ottoman Empire the dominant power in the area. In addition to solidifying his image as a warrior, his conquest of Constantinople allowed him to create new trade routes and broaden the empire’s area of influence.

After Mehmed’s passing, the Ottoman Empire kept growing. His successors kept on enlarging the empire’s sphere of influence, and finally, it encompassed parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The legacy of the Ottoman Empire is extensive and far-reaching. In addition to introducing new cultural customs like Turkish coffee and Turkish baths, the Ottomans had a significant role in the spread of Islam throughout the region.

Kizilelma The Great Conquest Episode 4 Release Date in Different Countries

London,  UK New York, USA Lahore, Pakistan
16 August 2023 16 August 2023 16 August 2023
Mondy, 10 PM Monday, PM Monday, 10 PM
(GMT+1) (GMT-4) (GMT+5)

Kizilelma The Great Conquest Episode 4 English Subtitles

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Turkey today still bears the imprint of the Ottoman Empire. Numerous structures in the nation date back to the Ottoman era, and Ottoman culture has left its mark on its food, music, and art. The heritage of the Ottoman Empire has had a profound effect on Turkish society. It continues to have an impact on Turkish identity and national pride, as well as the political, social, and economic structures of the nation.

Kizilelma The Great Conquest Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles


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