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Watch Destan Episode 18 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 17 Review

In Destan Episode 18, Akca took Manco in search of her mother with her but Temur halted her. After discussing with Temur regarding Batuga, Akkiz kept searching for her mother. Alpagu commanded the arrest of Vargi and Tai. Ece made Vargi aware and advised  him to escape. Alpagu started chasing Vargi and Tai. Batuga’s idea succeeded, and Colpan captured the betrayers in the woods. Alpagu came back to the castle and brought  the traitors along with him. and tried to open their mouths.

Tai said that  Balamir planned everything. Alpagu made Tai blind and commanded to came up with Vargi. Calayir told Alpagu  that Vargi took his own life. Batuga requested Khan to make peace, but he said he would crack down  the traitors one by one. Akkiz finally spotted Manco’s camp in the woods, but Kuzu captured her mother.

Batuga came back to the tribe and had a conversation with Akkiz. Akkiz said she needed to rescue her mother. Batuga met up with Yula that night and said he would convince tribal leaders to peace. Yula said that it is hardly possible for Batuga to become Khan. Kaya’s secret agent found out that Batuga was planning to arrange a conference with the leaders and informed Khan about this without making any delay. Alpagu created a plan for Balamir to join this conference as well. Batuga asks Kun Ata for a cure to cure his arm, but he says it has to be cut down.

When Akkiz was preparing to rescue her mother, Kun Ata cut Batuga’s arm. While Temur was searching for the house in the market with Akkiz, Gunesli kept them from it and said it was a trap. Batuga started a conversation with the leaders and said that the Turks should not go head to head. Soon after, Balamir arrived at this conference and said that Batuga was a betrayer. As Balamir was intending  to attack Batuga, Alpagu appeared and shot him with arrows. Alpagu then murdered Colpan.

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