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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 6 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 5 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 6, Jafer was just about to blow up the ship and then Oruj just arrived at the depo of the ship and asked him at the last moment that he should not do this. Radko decided to go to a safe place to save his ship. Pietro arranged a dinner for showing Antuan the new soldiers that he was going to give to him. The next when Zeynab was trying to go to the orphanage, Khizir started searching for Esther in the market.

Oruj talked to his friends to reveal the secret plans of Unita. When Khizir was trying to arrest Esther in the bazaar, Radko attacked them but could not catch them. Pietro told that Antuan will now use the name of black pirate and intimidate all Muslims in the Mediterranean. Antuan could not understand what Pietro has said but accepted this plan to kill Oruj. Golem went to Isabel to give her some documents and a secret message. Radko went to the office of Sylvio at the night and he decided to attack Khizir.

Isabel went to the house of Oruj to warn Despina. Khizir killed the assailants who came to his house in the search of Esther again, when Ishaq was going to the orphanage house with Despina, then soldiers of Sylvio attacked them. Some new soldiers of Antuan came to attack the ship of Oruj. Oruj has already noticed this movement from the pirates and warned his friends.

Due to this awareness, the attack from the pirates could not succeed. Ilyas captured a pirate and he came to know from that captured pirate that some of his fellows are going to attack a Muslim village. A cardinal came to Pietro to tell him that he is going to complain about him to Pope. Pietro suddenly killed that Cardinal so as not to reveal his plans. Khizir found Esther that night and told him that he is the friend of Suliman.

Esther got ready to go with him to the orphanage with Khizir. In the forest they were attacked by Radko and Radko told them that he will kill them. Oruj save the village from pirates and came back to his ship. Antuan noticed that Oruj I is coming back and he ordered his men to shoot at the ship of Oruj.

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