Watch Barbaroslar Episode 26 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 26 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 25 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 26, Gabriel’s guys invaded the Turks. Oruj fired Gabriel in the chest with an arrow. Oruj rescued Antuan, but Gabriel burst him in the arm. To protect Oruj’s life, Khizir straight away took him to the city and started searching for a doctor. Ilyas said he wanted to see Oruj, but Piri didn’t allow him. The doctor told them that Oruj was given poison and they had to crop his arm.

Khizir requested the doctor to find another solution. Meryem checked Oruj’s arm and noticed what kind of  the poison was. Meryem went to collect herbs with Isabel, but Sahsenem fired her in the arm. Although Meryem was wounded, she prepared a preventive for Oruj and protected his life. Oruj got up soon after and came to know that he was not able to use his arm anymore.

Khizir said it would take too much time for the poison to fully cure. Gabriel asked Acheron to go to Kelemez. Acheron met up with  Sahbaz and found out from him the location of the warships. Khizir ordered Niko to fix the ships in the fleet, but Acheron  invaded at a sudden and burnt the ships. Pasha became mad with Oruj due to the ships. Oruj let on again that Sahbaz was a betrayer.

After having a conversation with Dervish, Khizir began preparing Greek fire to ruin the enemy warships. Oruj informed Khizir about his plan of attack and after having a conversation with Isabel he left. Pablo sighted three Turkish ships coming and decided to attack to ruin Khizir. Using Greek fire, Khizir fired the entire enemy task ships. Gabriel found out that Oruj had arrived atthe island and said he would murder him.

Khizir said no one would come to assist Gabriel. While Gabriel was fighting Oruj, Acheron invaded Khizir. After some time, the Doge arrived and announced that he would exchange with Oruj the island to save Gabriel. Oruj, after listening to Hamza, handed over Gabriel and kidnapped Levitha.

Barbaroslar Capitulo 25 en Espanol Subtitles HD 1080

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