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Barbaroslar Episode 24 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 25, Khizir grabbed Gabriel and took him to the mount. Khizir requested Pierro to free Oruj and Antuan. Besides being a captive of Khizir, Gabriel forbade Pierro and  urged him never to let Oruj free. Khizir checked in to the ship to convince Gabriel and forced Pasha to stop the invasion. Pablo began trashing  Turkish ships with the great Venetian warships. Khizir ordered the archers to release flaming arrows and came back to Kelemez.

Pasha had his eyes for murder Gabriel, but Khizir requested him for a day to rescue Oruj. Khizir agonized Gabriel with Piri, but could not open his mouth. Pierro checked in to Kelemez and talked to Gabriel. Gabriel ordered Pierro to keep Oruj in the lockup and take the dead bodies to Modon from Levitha.

Oruj found out that Pierro was going to shift the dead bodies to Modon and sent a letter to Khizir. Khizir went through this letter and cracked the hidden message inside with Meryem. On Pasha’s order, Ilyas took Sahin from his duty and said Sahbaz is the new police head. Khizir and the sailors left for Modon on the same night. On the next day, Pasha notified Khizr that his time was over and he took measures to kill Gabriel. Sahbaz entered the lockup and kidnapped Gabriel from there. Khizir saw Pierro keeping the holy items on a cart and invaded shortly after.

Khizir captured the venerable items. Pasha learnt  that Gabriel had  run away and was very mad. Sahbaz said Khizir was behind his escape. Gabriel checked into the ship in the harbour, but Khizir grabbed him again. Shehzade’s assistant arrived at  Kelemez and forced  Khizir to fix this as soon as possible. Khizir convinced Gabriel to trade using the venerable items and left. Khizir handed over the dead bodies with Gabriel andrescued Oruj. Sahbaz’s warriors started  to attack asudden and wounded Oruj.

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