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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 16 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 15 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 16, To get back to Leonardo, the knights of Rhodes attacked. However, oruj tried to cease them. To get rid of the troops, khizir came out to an island because the soldiers were continuously chasing him. They also took the soldiers’ clothes there. Gladius came to know that khizir was moving to the port and therefore, he attempted to cease khizir. Khizir seized a ship and sailed this ship privately to Kalymnos. Pietro felt that oruj was assisted by somebody.

Pietro inquired Meryem about this matter. Meryem came back to Alexandria with khizir. Oruj returned to his house and told him that he had a wish that the marriage of Ilyas will take place early. Piri felt that oruj had a wish to talk with oruj and reached his lodge. The Turks informed that trade was spoiled due to the mistake of oruj. The Turks were beaten by Piri. Piri asked that they had done everything to retain the peaceful environment in the Mediterranean.

Pietro ordered his soldiers to murder oruj and Piri. Esther said that she wanted to become a Muslim before marrying Ilyas. After that, the wedding celebrations started. When oruj was dancing along with his brothers, the soldiers of Pietro tried to murder him but they could not kill him. Isabel communicated with Sahin and after that, he went out to the forest to guard his brother. A man with a man came into the cellar.

Antuan considered him the man sent by Pietro and therefore, he escaped with him. Gladius overwhelmed lesbos. Ishaq came to know about what was happening on the island and he demanded help from oruj. When oruj was planning to utilize Leonardo, then he came to know that he was arrested. When khizir and Piri were trying to search for Leonardo, then the pirated of Shahbaz came to assault them.

Pietro communicated with agents of Christian states and stated to them that he would remove all the Turks from the Mediterranean. Pietro told that Leonardo would reach soon. After this, a man went to Kalymnos. This person was oruj and he stated that he would make the treacherous plans unsuccessful.

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