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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15 Review

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 15, Hayreddin interred Aydin’s body by the shore and vowed to take revenge for his friend. Doria informed Pargali about the events that transpired at the beach. Pargali requested Doria to eliminate Hayreddin. When Hayreddin was conversing with his wounded troops, Nazife arrived and informed him that Seyyare was abducted. Hayreddin rushed home to glean information from his relatives. Despite Luna’s pleas, Pargali was unconvinced that Barbarossa could lead them to the undisclosed island.

The physician at the palace predicted the imminent death of the Pope. Batista discussed privately with Isabella, warning that if the Pope were to pass away, divine punishment would be bestowed on all. Overwhelmed, Isabella eventually revealed the antidote’s location to Batista. Hayreddin inquired about Seyyare to Marcella but to no avail. Nazife visited Ayaz’s estate in search of her sister and intimidated Sukufe. Pargali offered to meet with Hayreddin, but he refused to collaborate with Doria. Dervish pleaded with Yahya to aid Hayreddin.

Yahya made plans to have a conversation with Hunkar, and as a result, Dervish approached Sahsuvar to converse. In this conversation, Sahsuvar disclosed that she had secretly conversed with the Duke to rescue Sukufe. Subsequently, Dervish conversed with the Venetian representative and inquired about the Duke. The envoy agreed to provide details to facilitate a peace treaty between both nations. Dervish informed Hayreddin that the Duke was in communication with the Himera castle. After carrying out Christopher’s execution in the woods, Hayreddin conversed with Pargali and provided Ayaz with a warning.

Ayaz raised multiple objections during the meeting but could not sway Pargali’s decision. As the executioner prepared to kill Hayreddin, the Sultan intervened and halted proceedings. To put Pargali’s decision to the test, the Sultan permitted Doria and Hayreddin to journey to Himera. Prior to their departure, Doria modified the range of cannons on Barbarossa’s vessel. Thanks to a confidential message delivered by Luna, Hayreddin not only survived the ordeal but also managed to sink the adversary ship.

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