Kurulus Osman Season 3 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Urdu Subtitles Full Season Free

Kurulus Osman Season 3 English Subtitles Full Season Free


In Kurulus Osman Season 3, Children are saved by Osman. Osman tells that it is a suitable time to take Inegol. Osma also says that for soldiers he needs swords and to destroy the walls he needs a catapult. Osman tells that to conquer the Inegol he has to first capture iron mine. For this purpose, davud is sent to mine for work.  Davud becomes a part of workers of mine with some other alps. Mari does not want to marry Nikola but kosses continues to force her.

Mari asks Cornelia to send a message to Turgut privately. Osman is informed by davud what he came to know about the mine. Rogatus and Nikola make argue over the failure of Gregor. During this, the governor reaches there and informs that Christians are betrayed by the governor. However, Saguros does not believe him. Osman tells that with the help of saguaros he can enter into Inegol. that night,  Cornelia comes to the tent of Turgut. cornelia asks for help of mari to turgut.

Cornelia is sent back to the castle by Turgut and he says that he will quickly answer her about it. Julia is asked by Rogatus to murder the governor and his daughter. Saguros with his daughter comes to the tribe or Turks.  The guests of Osman are welcomed by him warmly.  The governor appreciates fro everything and he enters the tent of Osman to communicate with him.  The daughter of the governor visits the whole palace and she is trying to learn about the Turks.

Turgut is thinking to save Mari and therefore, he goes to talk with Osman about this matter.  The governor is asked by byzantine by Osman and later Osman tells him about the Seljuks. Selcan reaches there when the Goktug with his soldiers practising the archery. Selcan commands Goktug to teach Hera the use of the arrow. Here is astonished to see the talent of Turks there. Selcan communicates with Goktug and tells him that Hera is unmarried till now. Kosses warns the soldiers who are going to murder the governor.

He tells them that it’s not right to kill the governor.  Later, Selcan talks about Hera with Goktug that he should marry her.  A Turgut soldier comes there and he informs Cornelia to make preparations to escape from there. Osman with the governor comes to the sogut. Governor gets surprised about the sogut and how big it is and continues to visit it surprisingly. Later, Osman introduces the governor to the sheikh.

How to watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 English Subtitles


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